New Alone in the Dark Screenshots

Strategy Informer has unleashed 3 new screenshots for the Wii version of Alone in the Dark.

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skyclaw3757d ago

man... they fail... it looks like a ps2 game....

Swe_Goliath3757d ago

agree. it looks like a ps2 game... :(
They F*** it up :(

Swe_Goliath3757d ago

They F*** ed it up.
It looks like a ps2 game . :(

Dark_Vendetta3757d ago

You know that these screenshots are from the Wii version? What did you expect

Silverwolf3757d ago

I thought the same thing. I was like WTF!!!!

Dark_Vendetta3757d ago

And once again in the open zone: This is the Wii version. Look at gametrailers for gameplay videos and you see that it still looks like a next gen game

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