PS3 v1.1 Patch on COD4: Connect to worldwide servers, good or bad?

Product Reviews writes: "Following on from our post about the recent v1.1 patch for Call of Duty 4 on the Sony PS3, while we had no details on what changes this update made to COD4, we now see a few changes.

Gamers have reported and I have also noticed that connecting to games is much faster, this is due to now being able to connect to worldwide servers on COD4, but is this a good idea.

Some gamers are finding that they get dropped out of games as their connection is too slow, they put this down to connecting to servers worldwide, personally I am finding getting on games much faster and all is ok, although the Tiscali P2P problem is still around.

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elliot943724d ago

i dont have any problems at all anymore, but i noticed alot more people with yellow signal bars

gta_cb3724d ago

they dont have loads of next gen consoles on the same connection, they only need basic broadband such as 4mb-8mb connections, as long as they sort out their network they will always have either 3 green bars or 4 =p i had 8mb broadband and i could connect to people all around Europe and US never with yellow bars (i like UK) infact when we have the COD4 tournaments the host is always from US (Dukester101) and never a connection error.

If anyone needs to sort out their connection modern routers will have something which is called UPnP if you enable this it will open the ports required for your gaming and will give you the best connection available =) enjoy.

Kleptic3724d ago

basic broadband in the US is not 4-8mb down though...and in fact, its up upload speed that creates just as much of a problem with worldwide gaming than anything else...

I have been pretty luck I guess...I have a 3mb down, 1.5mb up DSL connection...that seemingly runs faster than my old 4mb down cable (can't remember its upload though, but most likely 1.5 also)...I occasionally get yellow'd...but when it happens, I see almost everyone but the host is also yellow, and most of the time...that server ends up dropping everyone to the one red dot...and the server closes before the end of the match...probably happens 1 out of 20 games, but I don't think that has anything to do with my ISP...I also have ended up hosting a lot more games recently, and all but 2 of the 12 people in a TDM have completely full (4 bar) connections usually...

there is a lot more complicated stuff with your particular ISP than just its download speed...some ISPs carry p2p code differently, route it internally differently, have built-in barriers for screening, all kinds of stuff...which can all create bizarre performance, especially if dealing with international p2p connections...I am on the other end currently, which is nice for a change...the on paper download/upload speed of my connection is nothing special, but it seems to be a pretty open ISP when it comes to the filtering and internal switching...which is great, especially considering its DSL...which is notoriously bad for gaming...

Lifendz3724d ago

that's my one remaining problem. I hate it when the host leaves and my game get's X'd. How the heck can I become a host anyway?

MikeGdaGod3724d ago

i wish they'd add a DS3 patch

Alcohog3724d ago


I read that along with other improvements and features in the next patch it will be designed so if a host leaves the game then it is handed off to the next best host, so the game won't end.

To answer your other question, you become a host if it finds no available games...there are probably times when you are hosting and don't even know it. There have been a few instances with me where I quit and it says "host ended game" much to the dismay to all the users.

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mighty_douche3724d ago

Im loving the patch!

Any game mode, and im in within 5 seconds, absolutely no complaints from me!

If you are unlucky enough to find a server with a poor connection, simply leave and join another, takes 10 seconds.

Watkins3724d ago

My issue with this is that I've gotten a REALLY crappy delay to pretty much all servers. And dare blaming my connection, it's a 100/100, so that's not the issue, the distance is. Played a few matches yesterday, and fount it close to impossible to play most of the time. I had 2/3 bars, and that's not really enough, 3/4 will do, but I won't enjoy the game until I have 4, there's a huge difference in having 3 and 4 actually.

NightVyper3724d ago

I agree. I also dont think the servers should bring you into a game unless you do have the best possible connection. I am tired of getting thrown into laggy games all the time. the problem lies with Peer 2 Peer connection and the technology is not ready for this level of multiplayer. P2P is still in it infancy IW should have tested more before going there. Some are trying to say it is PSN but this is the only game i have lag on RS6 warhawk and resistence all work fine all the time.

gta_cb3724d ago

when i read that i had to reply, im not saying your wrong, BUT i feel as though you might not completely know what this means.

the 100mb connection you have is to your LAN (local Area Network) this has NO effect on internet gameplay, as i have said near the top you need to access your router and enable something called UPnP. the reason you need to do this is because they have security embedded in the routers to stop people running OS with no firewall etc from being hacked as much.

so yeah you have a 100/100 connection to your LAN but with the security on your router you will not have the perfect connection, this is why i always install firewalls and anti virus on my computers then turn off the security on my router =p anyway hope this helps.

redmamoth3724d ago

... i used to wait 5mins to get into a game sometimes, now it rarely exceeds 10secs... No lag at all and only 1 disconnect. Good job IW.

mighty_douche3724d ago

What a difference 11mb can make!!

mighty_douche3724d ago

lol... no, the patch is 11mb not my internet connection.

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