New Industry Alliance To Save PC Gaming?

Dean Takahashi of San Jose Mercury News reports, "The personal computer game industry has trailed behind its console brethren in recent years as easy-to-play games on the Nintendo Wii or online games on the Xbox 360 have stolen the excitement.

Companies with a vested interest in keeping the PC alive as a gaming platform will soon announce a consortium dubbed the PC Gaming Alliance. According to two people familiar with the effort, it will include top industry players such as Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices as well as a number of computer companies.

The companies are preparing the announcement in advance of next week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco."

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Rooted_Dust3751d ago

What would all these companies be without PC gaming?

Windows: Without Gaming nothing really separates it from a Mac OS, besides the blue screen of death.

Intel: Not many people are going to be buying those Quad core processors when the most demanding program they are running is word processor.

Nvidia: Besides CG animators who would need 512mb of video memory, if there were no games?

This is another reason why PC gaming won't die, because there are powerful companies that are invested in the PC as a gaming platform.

bym051d3751d ago

"Nvidia: Besides CG animators who would need 512mb of video memory, if there were no games?"

Vista users! :)

Rooted_Dust3751d ago

LOL....yeah, you got me there :P

JsonHenry3751d ago

PC gaming does not need to be saved. Console gaming needs to be saved from becoming PCs that can't be upgraded.

Seriously - Consoles are trying to mimic PCs. Not the other way around.

fermcr3751d ago

@Rooted_Dust ... i totaly agree and i have been saying this for ages. PC gaming is not dead and won't die in the near future... because there are very big companies depending on PC gaming (Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD/ATI, etc). Even if most of the games are pirated, they still sell the hardware to play the game.

whengeeksgobad3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

windows: much seperates windows from mac os X - particularly mac os X's free-bsd (unix) roots. Most see the differences in the ability to play games though.

Intel: most people buying quad core processors are businesses. I work for an ISP, and we are virtualizing nearly all of our old machines with by replacing them with newer, much beefier machines. This means a quad or 8 cored machines that can do the work of 4. It saves rack space in our server room, they are more energy efficient, and more capable. Operating systems such as linux, mac os X and even windows now are starting to take advantage of multi-cored/cpu machines, so even if you are only running a word processor, multi-threaded apps allow them to run much more quickly.

nvidia: most cg animators are using vid cards far more advanced than a 512 meg $500.00 card. A lot of video editors could stand to use that much memory in their video card though. I use such a card in my mac pro for just such a thing - no gaming/animating at all. More RAM on your vid card is really helpful for home theater pc applications. Also great for watching movies in HD resoultion, but thats mostly dependent upon your gpu, not the amount of ram you have on it, although every little bit helps.

I do think PC gaming is dying. I stopped gaming on the PC because I was tired of having to build a new computer every year for 1K~ just to play the same old crap. If they want to keep pc gaming alive, stop charging out the a$$ for video cards and utilizing the latest, greatest physics stuff that most people disable right after turning the game on to get a better frame rate anyway. Lastly one of the biggest things killing PC gaming online is cheating, and WoW. Most everyone I used to play CS with stopped playing CS because the cheating was never controlled. They picked up WoW and basically haven't had any interest in anything else. Put all of that together and then add consoles which can do nearly all a pc can for cheaper, PLUS give you the option to have your friends (if you have any) right there in your living room and for me its a no brainer.

there is nothing wrong with consoles gaming trying to "mimic" pc gaming. Its called competition. It happens all the time and if they are doing it better (ie making more money, and they are) then perhaps the pc gaming industry should take note. just my .02.

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bym051d3751d ago

Isn't MS playing 2 contrary sides in this discussion? Stronger PC sales means fewer 360 sales and vice versa.

Rooted_Dust3751d ago

I don't think it hurts them at all. They've got a finger in each pie. If you buy an Xbox360, MS gets money. If you buy a computer with Window and buy games made by MS Studios, they get their money. So either way they get paid.

green3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

no because they are a completely different demographic.And really in no way hurt sales of the 360 version.And aslo Microsoft benefits either way.

So to me its not really a problem but a good thing.

bym051d3751d ago

They're not completely different demographics. If they were, consoles would have no bearing on PCs. From the story:

"Part of the pitch is that the industry group will keep the PC competitive with game consoles to attract key game developers."

"The personal computer game industry has trailed behind its console brethren in recent years as easy-to-play games on the Nintendo Wii or online games on the Xbox 360 have stolen the excitement."

Besides, I think the 360 has an almost identical demographic to the PC.

whengeeksgobad3751d ago

as gamers its hard to look at things with any other lens, but pc gaming/gamers make up a very small portion of the pc user base. Think of all the things computers can and are used for. No need for games in most of that.

If pc gaming were to die tomorrow - the gaming companies would be affected, but people would still need computers, and all their components - including vid cards etc. I think MS even stands to make more money because they can sell their HTPC media extender software or whatever and say "buy the xbox for maximum functionality!" again, just my .02.

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Chuck Norris3751d ago

They should figure out a way to combat online piracy.

fermcr3751d ago

Tell me... if PC gaming is such a bad deal, why are companies still making PC games (just today they announced Mass Effect for the PC).
If PC games are not profitable they would stop making them ... it's simple as that.
Infinity complained a few weeks back about COD 4 for the pc,and then they announced COD 5 also for the PC. If they lost money with COD 4, why are they still making PC games?
Excluding the Sony exclusives, every great game comes to the PC. Why is that?
Even now Sony is making a game for the PS3 and PC (don't remember the name of the game).

funkeystu3751d ago

"[PC games sale figures]don't include ad revenue associated with online gaming Web sites, which offer "casual" games such as Poker or Scrabble to a wider set of game players.

They also don't include revenue from monthly subscriptions to virtual worlds known as "massively multiplayer online" games, or MMOs. Those games include World of Warcraft, which has 10 million subscribers worldwide, and are big hits in countries such as China and South Korea. And the NPD numbers don't include digital distribution, or sales of games downloaded to computers directly from Web sites such as Valve's Steam. [which just announced 15million subscribers]"

Someone really needs to get this though to all the "the PC is dying" console fanboys.

fermcr3751d ago

Totaly agree... but you really can't say anything in N4G because Console fan-babies do not listen anything that's not related to there precious console. They are always winning and crying about there console... so don't bother.

whengeeksgobad3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

how this saves the industry, or how any revenue generated by a game made 4 years ago is beyond me. In fact, I'd say WoW is hurting the industry as a whole because its seriously curbed the purchase of new games.

You don't have to be a "console fanboy" to be able to read. There are plenty of articles out there discussing the decline of the PC game. It is possible to like them all and still spot a deficiency in one.

Gorgon3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )


I think you are forgetting that the reason why WoW is is so popular in South Korea and China on the PC (among other places) is because it doesn't exist for consoles. Consoles are getting started in the MMOs business. What do you think will happen when all the kids, etc, see that they can play something like WoW on a cheap Xbox or PS, invite friends, no assles with hardware, etc?

Just like its happening with the "once mighty" FPS genre, MMOs will grow beyond the PC on the consoles too. You can stick you head in the sand if that prospect is too much for you to bear, but its gonna happen.

And by the way, I own both an High-end PC and a PS3, so you can drop the fanboy part.

funkeystu3751d ago

@whengeeksgobad - the problem I have with all the 'PC is Dying' "news" stories is they generally all cite falling sales numbers without mention digital distribution systems and generally present a very one-sided argument. If you can link me a good one that presents both sides of the coin, I'll be more than happy to read it.

@Gorgon - why do you own a high end pc? I'm sure therein lies the reason as to why the pc isn't dying.

The PC is still a valid platform for tens of millions of people, even when alternatives exist. There are people who prefer to be sitting at a desk to play their fps/rpg/rts/mmo/sim of choice and I think there always will be. Many people also enjoy the flexibility of the PC; the ability to customize every aspect of their hardware and software setup.

As for the cost thing, plenty of people require a pc for work, don't have high def TV's, and can claim some of their PC back on tax. Many people are prepared to pay a bit more for a PS3, and on this token I think a similar amount would be willing to pay a bit more for a PC.

I'm not trying to promote the superiority of the PC, or that the PC is 'set' (issues such as piracy definitely need to be addressed), but merely that there are still 3 real choices for the hardcore gaming market, and I think there will continue to be in the future.

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