More 'journalists' target gaming

Gamernode reports: "There's a news report coming out of Omaha, Nebraska's KETV that's claiming to make a link between violent behavior and videogames. Seriously, without repeating the entirety of the article here, all I can tell you is that the entire piece is a bunch of unprofessional garbage.

The basis for the story is a new study coming out of the Indiana School of Medicine. Spouting some mumbo jumbo about brain activity, and aggressive arousal. Brain activity this, murderous rampage that, Jack Thompson hit me with a whiffle ball bat."

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cartman3133753d ago

Ah yes, it MUST be video games. All the wars throughout history must have been caused over a video game as well.

All of those shootouts back in the 1800s must have been over a video game!

Hitlers rampage on the Jews, must have been a video game that triggered something inside of his head.

Blah blah blah...The list can go on and on.

ban fans3753d ago

After reading the article they are blasting, I didn't see anything to really disagree with. The report doesn't criticize video games and call them bad, as a matter of fact, quite the reverse! Actually, as a educated gamer, I find this article to be more offensive than the one they are attacking. The Doctor in the study actually says that new media always gets scapegoated, even saying the TV used to get blamed and books before that. I'm just as upset (and probably even more so) about video games being blamed for school shootings and such, but I found this attack unwarranted.