Mass Effect Trilogy PS3 Given February 2013 Release Date By Retailers

The announcement of the Mass Effect Trilogy was definitely bitter sweet for PS3 owners. Sure, we were happy to see that the original Mass Effect would be coming to the system, but EA was coy when it came to a release date, saying it would come out after the PC and 360′s November 6th launch.

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DaThreats2071d ago Show
Neko_Mega2071d ago

Awesome, so heres a good question. Does this mean my character I make can be the same one in each game now? Or do I have to make a new one of ME2?

BitbyDeath2071d ago

Anyone know of any games scheduled for the 2nd half of next year?

I do believe nextgen is coming.

GTRrocker6662071d ago

I have so many games that i am playing or want to play that i cant even fathom buying another console right now

DigitalRaptor2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

The Last Guardian and Versus XIII. maybe.
Watch Dogs, Castlevania: LoS 2 maybe.
MGS: Ground Zeroes and GTA V. maybe.

The Last of Us might be the second half, since God of War and Beyond are first half.

nothing confirmed, but those sound like mid-late 2013 to me.

BitbyDeath2070d ago

Last of Us is said to be coming at the beginning of the year.

I doubt Versus will release this gen, even Last Guardian is unlikely. Watch Dogs and MGS are likely nextgen games, GTA V is rumoured to be coming out in May.

Do not know much about Castlevania or LoS 2 though...

GTRrocker6662071d ago

I pick it up when it is $20. I have way too many games to play

b_one2071d ago

so we need to be patient and wait for all dlc become free

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