Fable 2 will meet expectations, says Microsoft

Microsoft's Shane Kim has told his peers that Peter Molyneux won't be overhyping Fable 2 this time, claiming the game will live up to everyone's expectations. Speaking at D.I.C.E., MTV reports that Kim stated he's hoping that Fable 2 will be a bit of a looker.

"I hope Fable 2 is going to be really beautiful and that it will be considered the best-looking game," he stated.

"I'm trying to do [Peter Molyneux's] job a little bit, because Peter was accused of over-hyping Fable 1. And so we've been keeping Peter really focused. I obviously believe it's going to be a huge title."

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Bill Gates3573d ago

Poor BABOONS, all they'll be getting is another lag infested game like Mass Efcrap.....AHAHHAHHAHHAHA

Chuck Norris3573d ago

When is the release date?

kewlkat0073573d ago

I wanna see some gameplay...

Xeikon3573d ago


Fable 2 will exceed our expectations.

hazeblaze3573d ago

Well, I was so disappointed in the first game that my expectations are pretty low for this game. So yea... I imagine that the game may exceed them... I hope.

But I already don't like the sound of the one button combat and some of the ideas sound really overly ambitious. He may surprise me and actually make a good game though!

gamesR4fun3572d ago

I liked the first one got in on pc great game tho short and the hype was pure bs still fun tho. The second should be good if they stick to the same formula.

Kaz Hirai3573d ago

You know deep down that this will not satisfy you. It's time for you to "Jump Ship" and PLAY B3YOND!


Sez 3573d ago

i don't think xboxfan have a problem playing beyond. it's the waiting beyond is the problem with the ps3. have fun waiting.

Kaz Hirai3573d ago

A lone Xbot PIG has tried to challenge to might of King Kaz and the PerfectionStation 3! Run along, PIG, run back to Nazisoft to feast on their SLOP!


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The story is too old to be commented.