Walmart internal memo on Wii U preorders, shipments arriving on Nov. 14th, midnight launch

"Now you know all you could ever want to know about the Wii U launch at Walmart! How many of you are grabbing your Wii U from them?", writes GoNintendo.

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DivineAssault 2018d ago

damn.. i wouldnt be surprised if "some get lost" now

G33K2018d ago

I plan on putting one on layaway for Christmas. It looks to be a great system and I really hope they allow people like me who don't want to use the tablet use the Pro controller on games like Zombiiu

Crillvirus812018d ago

Zombieu only uses the wii pad as most games will I don't get why you would want to use a pro for maybe for a game like call of duty but most games allow you to play right on the wii pad and you can't do that with the pro so stick to your Xbox or ps3 if you want to play the old fashion way and dont buy a wii u cause most games will require the wii u pad lol

IIC0mPLeXII2018d ago

Got it on layaway already.

s8anicslayer2018d ago

Got mine too, I won't have to wait on that long line to get it either