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WWE 13 Stone Cold and CM Punk Interview

TGF writes: "Any wrestling fan knows that CM Punk has been wanting to have a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin, he talks about it all the time. Well considering that the upcoming WWE 13 will feature an emphasis on the Attitude Era, it will allow players to accomplish this through the videogame itself. It is also no surprise that since the game's release is drawing closer and closer that there are more interviews that are being released, the most recent being that Jim Ross sits down to interview both Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk to talk about the upcoming videogame." (PS3, WWE 13, Xbox 360)

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BigPete7978  +   933d ago
You can tell Stone Cold is pissed off as usual. Would love to see a match between CM Punk and Stone Cold.
BigRedMachineKane  +   931d ago
What's all this talk between these two? WWE Championship...Pfft... I'd eviscerate them both because...

fastNslowww  +   931d ago
Stone cold seems to have reversed aging..compared to his recent appearances, he looks just as good as in his earlier days. Funny stuff.

Also, they seem to have fixed his entrance walk, good 2 know.

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