Capcom Sr. Director on the future of Okami

In the official Capcom forums, MrFaptastic asked:

"I've been wondering a bit what the point of porting Okami is. I know in the past it's been stated that you guys felt that the game deserved a second chance and such...but what about the future? Is this a move to simply try and turn a better profit on the game? Or are you guys trying to give it a second shot at becoming a franchise and making sequels?

Basically, if Okami Wii sells well, are sequels even a remote possibility?"

Here's the full response from Christian Svensson, Capcom Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development:

"Technically, yes but I think that's an outside chance. We have reasonable but modest expectations for the title. I'll be very disappointed if we can't hit those.

On that outside chance it happens to 'destroy' said expectations, we'd have to think hard about new content (though admittedly, that's even quite difficult without Kimea's and Inaba's brilliant input on the project).

Editing: For you media or forum crossposters, please don't position this as 'OMG Okami sequel confirmed total!' as it's not that. It's an obvious statement of, if this thing blows up, then we have to consider what it means to the future of the brand."

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PS360WII3778d ago

Ha I like that edit he put in. Hopefully Okami sells very well on the Wii then huh?

Lucreto3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I would love a sequel on the PS3 but it will be on the wii so it won't be using any of the PS3 power.

BlackIceJoe3778d ago

Well I already know I will be getting this and if there is any chance for another Okami that is great.

wiizy3778d ago

i would love an okami 2 made for the wii... so i hope it sells well.. im buying it