GamesRadar Preview: The Outsider

GamesRadar writes:

"We're officially excited about The Outsider - despite the fact that it's still a loooong way off yet. Penciled in for '09, Frontier's plans for its all-action freeform thriller are so large it's going to take all that time and more for them to realise its obvious potential. Big cheese David Braben refers to it as the first true open world game, where you genuinely do have freedom of choice over what you do and where you go, how you do it and how you deal with the consequences. More than that, he reckons they've taken their experience in creating classic freeform space adventure Elite and its sequel, watched how Rockstar have set about adding to the template in GTA, and bettered both with The Outsider."

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MK_Red3666d ago

Finally, I though this game was cancelled or something. It's been more than a year. Glad to hear a great dev back in action. Hope these are not empty promises and this game is indeed the next step for open world games.

Gorgon3666d ago

Indeed, one of the most interesting games comming up this year.