Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare at North Point brings zombies in time for Halloween

PCGiA - It's October, so you know what that means: zombie DLC announcements. Zombies tend to show up in pop culture much like how poison ivy might show up after time spent rolling naked through a forest; unwanted, but inevitable. Don't get me wrong, zombies clearly have a place in games, but that's usually only when the work is centered around zombies from the start with a few notable exceptions.

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CockSplash2048d ago ShowReplies(1)
konnerbllb2048d ago

I would have preferred a real dlc release, not something fake like zombies. It doesn't fit in this game.

I'm looking forward to the next "real" dlc. Great game :)

krisq2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I'm with you. I also would prefer 'real' DLC than zombies. I'll still get it though because as you said, it's a great game.

isarai2047d ago

Have you actually seen it in action, it's a lot more than "just zombies" in fact they aren't really even zombies, they're mythical zombie like creatures based off of ancient Chinese lore, and they can do a lot more than just stumble towards you and bite you. This DLC also comes with a lot more moves to master and abilities to try out, and my guess is it comes with a campaign.

And it fits the game perfectly IMO. the whole premise behind this game was Hong Kong Cinema, well horror is just as big as action when it comes to Hong Kong style cinema, and while the game was very serious, it had it's humor, and this fits it well IMO.

I honestly can't wait for this DLC, it's like Ong Bak meets Big Trouble in Little China.

konnerbllb2047d ago

Yes I watched the preview. I'm happy for you, enjoy it man. It's just not for me, I'll wait for the next one.