Eurogamer: Army of Two First Impressions

Eurogamer writes:

"It's not even out yet - we haven't even played it for more than forty minutes - and Army of Two is already a guilty pleasure.

EA's two-player, co-operative shooter is the spitting image of one of its mercenary anti-heroes: ugly, crass, shallow, ruthlessly profiteering, faintly preposterous, and thunderously dumb. It's a game that seems to have been engineered to attract the loathing of gamers of refined taste. To make matters worse, it's the spawn of the videogame publisher everyone loves to hate: that dastardly franchise monopolist, EA. Boo! Hiss!."

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Bolts3752d ago

Aggro belong im MMOs not shooters. This game will suck and hopefully this terrible trend of "budy shooters" will die.

ban fans3752d ago

They said it worked very well and the game is very good. If it's not your style, don't play it. I think it is a great idea. Saying a game will suck without ever having played it is immature, and if that's the type of comment you wish to post, fine, but go to the open zone.

I did find it odd that the "reviewers" of this game admit to only playing it for forty minutes before writing the review. Um, that's a little unprofessional! I know I can't really gather an opinion of an overall game experience in forty minutes. Hey, we're not dealing with Pac-Man games anymore, guys! You may want to look a little deeper before giving opinions on a game.

Alcohog3752d ago

I agree, its obvious this game is not going to be good. Some people are looking forward to it an awful lot, I have a feeling these people haven't been following videogames very long.

ban fans3752d ago

This game was mega-hyped six months ago until the delays killed it. I've been playing games and following the industry for about 20 years, and I've seen nothing to show "its obvious this game is not going to be good." This was a hugely anticipated game until the delays. I certainly don't see any significant problems with the game. The videos and screenshots look solid, and as long as it handles well, I think it will be a success. Not sure if I will get it; I'll have to wait for a few more reviews and research / playable demo.

Alcohog3752d ago

Just remember me when you do realize its craptacular. ;)