Wii U Gamepad lag, only 1/60 of a second

One concern among potential buyers of the Wii U is the possibility of incredible lag between the image displayed on your TV, to the image displayed on the Gamepad...

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PopRocks3591885d ago

I know my complaints are pretty redundant, but where's all of the negativity from this community whenever there's good news?

ChickeyCantor1885d ago


It's not goddamn lag. It's called Latency. Lag means it's falling behind schedule. Latency is the time required for something to respond.

How about that?

Schawk1885d ago

They only troll the bad news , welcome to n4g

eagle211885d ago

It's hilarious how they do. But really, they don't change shit by doing it. Everytime I look up, Nintendo still at the top.

FinalomegaS1885d ago


ok so it's 99.99% lag free.

this is a good thing.

ChickeyCantor1885d ago


It's really not that hard xD