Resident Evil 5: People are going to "flip out"

Capcom's assuring us we'll all go bonkers - in a good way - over Resident Evil 5, and we're desperately hoping that turns out to be true.

"Just being able to see Resident Evil 5 running, I'm like 'Oh my god!' Honestly, when we start showing more of that, when we start letting people go hands-on with that, people are going to flip out"

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leon763720d ago

I just hope RE5 becomes so memorable or better than RE4...

Storm233720d ago

I am so excited for this game and it is still a long way off. I do wonder if it will make it out at the end of this year. We do all remember how long it took to get RE4 out the door right.

If they do plan on a release at the end of this year or the beginning of the next, then hopefully we can expect to see a lot on this game in the near future.

nix3720d ago

even i'm waiting for this game... just hoping that they don't gimp the PS3 version.

JsonHenry3720d ago

I can't wait till this game comes out. I look at other games like Devil May Cry 4, the last Splinter Cell game, and Gears of War - and wonder how cool it is going to be to play Resident Evil with those kind of graphics and surround sound.... it is making me drool just thinking about it.

Lifendz3720d ago

for not only putting out quality games so far this gen but also putting out great looking games for both consoles. My one concern is Street Fighter 2 HD. I heard that they're going to gimp the PS3 version because there's a download size for 360 that would mean they can't put certain music and other things in the game. I would hate to hear that and I think 360 owners would too. Let's not "gimp" games because of something like this for either. Core owners are going to have to get a HDD and that's it.

ravinash3720d ago

Capcom don't gimp....if they do as well as they did with DMC4, then I'll be a happy man.

MADGameR3720d ago

It could be a release in LATE 2008....I am VERY much interested in the storyline. I KNOW its going to be spectacular!! I hope they make it scarier than RE4. This one will be about the Ebola sounds interesting enough that Osmond Sadler from RE4 is going to show up. (I'm guessing he was cloned because Ada retrieved the sample in RE4 for Wesker) And the most interesting part is that the MYSTERY man behind it ALL will finally make his appearance. Oswell E. Spencer! Also the return of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Yoko Suzuki (from RE Outbreak series although in RE5 she will appear as a new character) and also the return of Steve Burnside of RE Code Veronica. If any of you have'nt played Code Veronica nor the RE Outbreak series, I sugguest YOU guys (Those who have never played the ones which I just named) play those before playing RE5, it would only make sense if you did. Ofcourse Wesker the mastermind will be there as well. I wonder whats going to happen now that Wesker has a sample of the T-Virus, the G-Virus, the Veronica virus and the Ebola virus....I am sure that Capcom already has Resident Evil 5 running on the PS3 and 360 hardware. I really hope for a demo release atleast 1 week before the game release. This is going to be a VERY exciting year!

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Aleusia3720d ago

Yes, just keep the damn Regenerators out, they were terrifying.

Chuck Norris3720d ago

Replace them with the funny looking dudes from 30 days of night.

Armyless3720d ago

scared the sh!t out of me

LeonSKennedy4Life3720d ago

Dude, those were the scariest things EVER! Keep the music that went with them too. When you heard that were like "FRICK!!! *pauses game* NO MAN! I'M NOT DOING THAT AGAIN!"

They were so scary!

I hope they add in that one "hook-handed ghost" that they took out of RE4. It was freakin' SCARY AS HECK! Youtube it!

mighty_douche3720d ago

I hope it offers more jumps than RE4, that was about as scary as your mums moustache!

superman3720d ago

This game is going to be amazing. Resident evil 4 made me go back and play every resident evil.