Call of Duty Elite going free is "following Battlefield Premium lead"

(GamesIndustry International) Analysts weigh in on the impact of Activision getting rid of the paid subscription for Elite

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mafiahajeri1805d ago

free? Activision? COD? O_o"

Bladesfist1805d ago

The fact that Black Ops is still £40 on steam (Where most PC releases are £30 - 35 proves that they have not changed at all.

supersonicjerry1805d ago

From a business perspective they are trying to get all the money they can before number two comes out because they know certain people will still buy the first black ops. I don't agree with it ether but hey I know i'm not going to buy it for 40bucks.

ExCest1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I thought BO died on PC anyways...
EDIT: actually, i thought cod died in general on pc
EDITx2: Not COD4 and 5

tallkidoPL1805d ago

Nothing is free you still gotta pay for dlc lol

christheredhead1805d ago

Who says you have to pay for DLC? Its not like they automatically charge you a mandatory fee.

supersonicjerry1805d ago

They said DLC is separate from Call of Duty elite that is way they are coming out with a new thing that is like $55 if you want the map packs for Black ops2.

thebudgetgamer1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

What's the difference?

jetlian1805d ago

elite turned into a season pass aka reduced price overall but pay upfront.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1805d ago

Lol.. The title of this. I think it's more the other way around, BF copied COD with an "Elite" service.

SJPFTW1805d ago

Yahhh and Call of Duty Elite copied Halo and a couple other games. LOL @ trying to make COD seem orginal

HammadTheBeast1805d ago

I think he means the dlc "package" idea.

The_KELRaTH1805d ago

I see the real issue as the map packs being simply overpriced.
16 maps with all the coding of the game and all the singleplayer content typically costs under £30 on release (PS3/360) but 4 maps and a few extras cost £11.95. Also you can't get a store deal so you're paying full price and you can't sell them 2nd hand with the game (should you wish).

I'd much prefer to go back to buying proper retail packaged expansion packs than the current overpriced DLC.

HammadTheBeast1805d ago

$20 expansions of old with 8-10 maps, dozens of new things, updates, patches, free goodies, basically an overhaul.

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