Metro 2033 available for $9.99 on XBL this week

"THQ has revealed that Metro 2033 will be half-off on Xbox Live this week. In anticipation of upcoming sequel Metro: Last Light, players will be able to purchase Metro 2033 for $9.99 from October 16th through October 22nd."

guitarded771293d ago

@ Grap
I have no idea what you just said... seriously.

On topic: Interesting game... I haven't finished it yet, but not because of lack of want... but lack of time.

negative1293d ago

Yea I'm disagreeing just bc he deserves it.

gameplayingfool1293d ago

great game at a great price.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31293d ago

I think what he/she was trying to say is, "What XBL lacks is sales." I could be wrong though.

ramiuk11293d ago

what is that even meant to say.
a rhino could type better English

AD7051293d ago

I remember getting this for 7.50 on steam at christmas time :)

god bless you steam sales!

shodan741293d ago

Great deal for a great game.

If you haven't already played Metro 2033, I urge you to check it out!

ShinraE51293d ago

Metro 2033 for 10 bucks? damn, might have to pick this up. Heard good things and I like that price.

DivineAssault 1293d ago

ill pass.. Steam seems like a better option

CalvinKlein1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

ps3 version is the better option...ohh wait.

Rivitur1293d ago

Ah I see what you did there.

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