Strong 360 sales help Devil May Cry 4 debut at No.1

Xbox accounts for 61 per cent of units sold in UK.

The latest title in the former Sony exclusive franchise Devil May Cry has debuted in the UK's All Formats charts at number one, with the lion's share of sales on the Xbox 360.

Sixty one per cent of sales were on the Microsoft console, with the rest on Sony's PlayStation 3 and PC. The game is number one in the All Formats charts but also the individual format charts as well.

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predator3757d ago

Im glad that a proper game is at number 1 at not some brain training rubbish, also 61% is one hell of a chunk and the rest is split between pc and ps3, hopefully sales of the ps3 version will increase over time.

Good job capcom on a really good game.

Keowrath3757d ago

Is the PC version avialable over here yet? Even if so I don't see it doing particularly well (I could be wrong, just my opinion)

As you say though mate, it's good to see a decent game at the top of the charts! Instead of something like The Golden Compass or Transformers!

Vertius3757d ago

Nope, the PC version isn't out until the end of the month. It's 61:39 difference in sales between the 360 and PS3 versions. PC doesn't factor in.

ravinash3757d ago

Its about the ratio of 360s to PS3 in the UK isn't??

resistance1003757d ago


360's install base is over twice the size of the Ps3's install base in the UK. (360 about 1.9million, Ps3 about 900K)

So again its another game whcih the Ps3 version has a higher attach rate. (when comparing copies of games sold to consoles sold)

actas1233757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

At resistance100:
If the ratio between PS3 and 360 is 33:67, and the game ratio is 40:60 respectively, this means the PS3 version did better even with 20% higher price tag.

Xeikon3757d ago

Devil May Cry 4 on the 360 outsells PS3 version.

Grand Theft Auto 4 on the 360 will outsell the PS3 version also.

Real Gambler3757d ago

World sales are another story.

Basically, DMC4 is selling 2.5 times more on the PS3 with an installed base half of the Xbox 360. (VGChartz, feb12 2008)

So I would say the fact that the PS3 version it's more expensive likely doesn't help in UK. Did anybody saw an explanation for this? In most country in the world, they are the same price!!!

kewlkat0073757d ago

but its only japan where this game sold like 80% of them numbers.(I guess the same argument of the PS3:Xbox 360 ration rears it's head).

That goes the same for worldwide Hardware sales as well, Japan will always be the difference in terms of a Huge Gap, unless European numbers rally pick up.

do we have worldwide numbers yet?

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Kain813757d ago

and that was the Reason nothing more

power of Green 3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

If you have the PS3 a inhouse PS title like DMC isn't going to sway gamers away because of a few bucks.

One fanbase is bigger and has more diverse demographics than most people think,
its actaully a healthy mix.

Xbox owners like to buy games, like in most cases Xbox gamers will buy games like crazy sales will die down after every owner of the 360 willing to buy the game has it! vs the slower steady rate PS3 owners buy games and then the sales will look like they're in the PS3's favor after everybody on the 360 side has purchased it.

UK is a even ground market(but does have more 360's in peoples homes). I think its going to be close overall.

Europeans like Japanses games/style and probably DMC. I suspect its going to sell in EUR on whatever console people own meaning who ever has the most consoles in any given European country will sell the most copies of DMC4. Japan will be the only factor keeping the PS3 within the title sales race.

3757d ago
ukilnme3757d ago

@ Kain81

Ok, the 360 version is cheaper. If they both run and play exactly the same and you have no console or controller preference, it would be logical to buy the cheaper version.

techie3757d ago

Uh i don't think most people have a 360 AND the option of "buying the cheaper one" won't come into it. What will is that 260 owners will see it and think "oh that's pretty cheap" and PS3 owners will say I'll wait for the price to come down.

ukilnme3757d ago

I have to agree with you on that Deep. I often forget that PSWii60 owners are not in the majority. Hopefully that will change as consoles drop in price.

I have never played any of the DMC games before the DMC4 demo. I played it first on the 360 and then on the PS3. I don't know why but I felt more comfortable playing it on the PS3 so I will pick up that version.

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Eretik3757d ago

"Sixty one per cent of sales were on the Microsoft console, with the rest on Sony's PlayStation 3 and PC. "
61% of what?
Of DMC4? DMC4 is available for PC? Good news for me!
Of total sales? Bullshit! Where DS & Wii?

Counter_ACT3757d ago

What? What isn't there to understand, that is a very straight forward statement.

"Of total sales? Bullshit! Where DS & Wii?"

The game isn't on DS a Wii...

Eretik3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )


techie3757d ago

The Xbox got 61% of DMC4 sales, the PS3 got 39% of DMC4 sales. There is no PC version yet.

paul_war3757d ago

I've just got it (PS3) I don't know why the PS3 verson is £10 ($20) more expensive, its strange but i'm sure that had an effect.

Iamback3757d ago

I met a few people that are not going to buy DMC for PS3 because they are boycotting capcom. But they are most likely in small numbers.
Second and more important is that in UK 360 has bigger install base, but overall in next month DMC4 for PS3 will outsell 360 version in EU.

Snukadaman3757d ago

90,652 90,652 for the xbox 360..and 86,158 86,158 for the ps3...from these numbers that percentage is way off.

Iamback3757d ago

In article they are talking abut UK statistics, VGchartz shows overall Europe numbers. I think you should next time read article.

Sony sucks balls3757d ago

Yeah okay skippy whatever you say. One more exapmle of Xbox 360 being the KING OF KINGS!!!!!!!!!

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