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PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

By now, you should have already tackled NFL Blitz which came in free for Plus members earlier this month. You should also make sure to download one of the best fighters in the genre, King of Fighters XIII, which is also free for Plus members. With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update, you’ll want to get your blueprints out and cover up those fingerprints because you’ll be robbing some banks (in video game form of course) courtesy of PAYDAY: The Heist, coming free to Plus members! You’ll also be able to get Unfinished Swan before anyone else this week. That said, there’s much more so let’s get to it. (PAYDAY: The Heist, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3, Tag Invalid, The Unfinished Swan)

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Snookies12  +   737d ago
Eh, already have Payday for PC. Although the beta for PS Allstars is nice to hear about.
guitarded77  +   736d ago
Yeah, I have PAYDAY too, but now some of my friends will get it and I'll have a bigger pool of people to play with. The fall sale is pretty sick too... some major discounts. Also plan on picking up the Unfinished Swan. I'm a huge Bond fan, but the trailer to 007 Legends does nothing to make me want the game... visually it looks like a PS2 game, and I can finally pick up AMY to see how bad it really is at the guilt free price of $2.50.
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gameplayingfool  +   736d ago
i am excited for payday. now is my chance.
JAM_brz  +   736d ago
Did you guys enjoyed Payday?

I will be picking this up, as long as its free. :-p

But serious, I want to know if people liked the game, because I just read websites reviews.

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guitarded77  +   736d ago
@ JAM_brz

It's really fun with friends... the game is designed with 4 player co-op in mind. Playing solo is not very fun because the AI of your partners is kinda retarded... but as long as you have someone else to play with, it is worth playing.
Blastoise  +   736d ago
Please don't buy AMY, too many people already bought that garbage game.
JAM_brz  +   736d ago
My friends probably don´t will have the game.

Can I found someone via in-game option to play co-op?

I thought the game will look like COD, with deathmatch and others things, having the option "matchmaking" to automatic find players.
guitarded77  +   736d ago
@ JAM_brz

Yes, you can join a game, or you can host the game. It will match make too. It's always best to play with friends in this game, because some people are all serious and want to finish in the best time possible, while others like myself, tend to do stupid s#!t for the lulz.
JAM_brz  +   736d ago
But you already calmed me. lol Thanks friend. And do stupid things its the best, because gaming its all about having fun, right?

If you want, add me in your PSN account and we could play a little of Payday


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black911  +   736d ago
I love You Sony THey were listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I begged for Payday
Lifendz  +   736d ago
PS Plus is weird in that I don't buy PSN originals anymore because I know it's only a matter of time before I get it for free because of Plus. And I don't mind waiting because I pay for plus so that I can get those games (and DLC) for free.
yesmynameissumo  +   737d ago
Nice! Looking forward to Payday.
NukaCola  +   736d ago
The Unfinished Swan!!!!!!!!!
Dark_Overlord  +   736d ago
A good thing about payday is the hosting ability, i.e if someone has the DLC they can host a game and you can join it without buying the DLC :) Though prepare to DL a huge patch
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Nawert  +   737d ago
I already own Payday but it's going to be great seeing a ton of new people downloading and playing. Thanks PS Plus!
MikeMyers  +   736d ago
I have to agree. Plus does give games a re-birth and the ones that have multiplayer get the most benefits from the added amount of gamers to play against/with.
MostJadedGamer  +   736d ago
My 30 day free trial runs out Thursday, and I will not be renewing it
BXbomber  +   736d ago | Well said
PSPLUS>>>>>anyt hing ms offers
The_Klank  +   736d ago
Must be a record, not one disagree.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   736d ago
Yeah i think this is a record. LOL
JellyJelly  +   736d ago
"Must be a record, not one disagree."

On a pro Sony site, bashing MS although no one mentioned them. Not marked as "off topic" either. Actually, I bet 20 of those agrees came from the site mods :-)
The_Klank  +   736d ago
' bashing MS although no one mentioned them. Not marked as "off topic" either.'

That's what amazed me. Although I would hardly call it 'bashing'. Its his opinion. And a lot of others it seems.
Myst  +   736d ago
Well tomorrow seems about the right time to jump back into Payday :)
DivineAssault  +   736d ago
lucky a$$3$! my subscription ran out already & im waiting to renew when its on vita too.. Get a fresh full yr on both.. I will miss out on this one
bloodybutcher  +   736d ago
well, my subscription ran out at beginning of september, so i can feel your pain:) even better, i still had it running but after moving out i did not have internet so i've missed out on quite few things(incl. deus ex hr-_-)
MightyPatapon  +   736d ago
I was in Hong Kong beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

I was in the European beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

And tomorrow, I will be in the North American beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

I've nearly mastered Sweet Tooth.

Fear the clown, muahahahahahahaha
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zgoldenlionz  +   736d ago
Lucky bastard! I tried but couldn't get into any betas but now I don't need luck since I own a vita. ^^
ziggurcat  +   736d ago
tried payday when it came out originally, but wasn't too impressed.

great for those who are really excited about that game, though!
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   736d ago
Crap. I already have PayDay. I've had the last ten games Plus has offered for free...

This is starting to suck.
MightyPatapon  +   736d ago
That sucks to hear.
GenericNameHere  +   736d ago
Yeah, sucks to hear, man. I've been loving Plus! The only games I already had before the offers were Infamous 2 and LittleBigPlanet, so I'm Extremely happy! :D
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   736d ago
It's ok. They're making up for it with discounts on Halloween games that I want! :D
violents  +   736d ago
I think ps plus free games(instant game collection) is aimed more at bringing more value to buying a new console not giving away games to long standing customers. You know trying to get those people that never wanted to spend the money. I have lucked out and many of the games i didn't own yet, so lucky me.
Der_Kommandant  +   736d ago
I've had so much fun with Payday!
BlueTemplar  +   736d ago
LOL according to the disagree you've got you apparently havent

only on n4g :)
bloodybutcher  +   736d ago
that's right! people here know better if you had fun. so do not lie to us. we know EVERYTHING!(including which console is DA BEST for everyone.even when someone thinks otherwise)
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P_Bomb  +   736d ago
Payday is a great addition to Plus, too bad the trophies are so damn hard, lol. I'll be downloading the All Stars Beta ASAP. Can't wait to try it.
festival of blood for 2.50? nice
Campy da Camper  +   736d ago
It's a great add on. I bought it as soon as it came out and the new way to "fast travel" is insane.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   736d ago
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for $9.79?!?

Dead Space 2 for $9.79?!?

Um... YES!
Ducky  +   736d ago
... then you realize that EU has received DeadSpace2 for 'free'. =/

... and OffTheRecord wasn't particularly all that great of a game.

FestivalOfBlood, though, is probably worth grabbing for those that haven't.
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Robotronfiend  +   736d ago
If he's not in Europe why would that even matter? It doesn't make the game any cheaper in the US.

No reason to actively try to ruin someone's good mood.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   736d ago
Off The Record is my favorite in the series. It has a sandbox mode with no time limit. THAT is what I want! :D
chrispseuphoria  +   736d ago
Awesome news! PlayStation is the best! I love getting these great deals.
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FalconR289  +   736d ago
I think I'm going to need an even bigger hdd.
doogiebear  +   736d ago
Every week I gotta delete stuff. Hope this won't fry my harddrive :O
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   735d ago
Yup. Just ordered a 1 tb to replace my slims. Picked up infamous and ghostbusters. Gb will probably be awful but for less than 2 bucks I will risk it. When the new hard drive arrives I will take advantage of more.
sdplisken  +   736d ago
sweet i havent played either of those games!
plus is awesome, if it werent for it i would never have gotten into just cause and borderlands franchises
shenpo_shin  +   736d ago
another reason why the ps+ is the best service
M$ can keep charge everything it wont change that

fanboys or not its a well know fact psn does better deals.
Robotronfiend  +   736d ago
Is the sale on the Zen 2 tables just for Vita, or can I get the same sale on the tables for PS3?
OllieBoy  +   736d ago

Those Halloween deals are nice. Will pick up Dead Rising 2 OTR and Dead Space 2.
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Cam977  +   736d ago
I need to update soon.
Redempteur  +   736d ago
After NFL blitz , another game i'm not intrested in ..thankfully i didn't pay PSN+ for the games but for the other services
Wolfbiker  +   735d ago
Costume Quest complete for like $3.75?


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