God of War: Ascension is Shaping Up to be Something Special | gamrReview

gamrReview: "Expectedly, Ascension impresses visually, utilizing the usual fantastic lighting effects, finely detailed landscapes and enormous background Titans, superb fluid movements, and excellent execution cinematics. Running around the desert themed level was a blast."

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Abash1767d ago

Can't wait to play the multiplayer

Redempteur1767d ago

same here , already got my beta code ..just waiting for it to be active ..gonna enjoy this beast as soon as possible

JoGam1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

How u get beta code?

Redempteur1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

with the god of war saga collection
i got all the games
and a voutcher for the beta of ascension

miyamoto1759d ago

I enjoyed Power Stone 2 in the arcades & Dreamcast looks like this will be twice as fun

trenso11767d ago

its so good i had a chance to play it at comic con this year. i was skeptical at first but its very fluid and fun to play.

GraveLord1767d ago

Me too. I already know single player will be amazing so I just hope multi-player has a lot of replay value.

majiebeast1767d ago

Really hope we get a beta of the multiplayer.

Godchild10201767d ago

The Playstation blog should be putting a post up about some big news for this game today.

Godchild10201767d ago

I don't know if that was a legitimate question or just a joke. Anyway, yes, for real. Here is the link...

PinkFunk1767d ago

Legitimate question, but with a hint of 'lol'.

I was just going over the e3 presentation and some multiplayer demos the other day, getting hyped up. The Santa Monica team is freakin' gifted. So i'm only too glad to hear there's news poppin up today.

...but what could it be?


MasterCornholio1767d ago

The amazing thing is that this game even looks better than God of War 3. Cant wait to play this incredible Sony exclusive.

Exclusive exclusive exclusive..................... ....

Así se hace.

vividi1767d ago

asi mismo es, que viva el playstation LOL!

DivineAssault 1767d ago

loving its progress.. cant wait to buy this

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The story is too old to be commented.