Borderlands 2 DLC: Is It Worth It?

NowGamer- There’s something satisfying about shooting someone from around the corner with the new bullet ricochet ability, which we’re sure Borderlands 2 has nicked from successive Call of Duty games.

Why? Well, you tell me why we keep dying then? Exactly. Pipe down.

Just like a big oily dollop of limited edition chilli and lime mayonnaise, this, and a bag of other new abilities, oddballs and black humour makes the Mechromancer DLC a pleasant, if not repetitive accompaniment to the main course.

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RXL1952d ago

not to be TOO critical..but aren't ALL games repetitive?..

Call of hoot..

Gears of War..shoot...cover...Carmine dies...shoot..cover..Carmine dies...shoot...shoot..Carmine dies

Street fighter...punch..kick..firebal ball...jump..

ima still be getting this DLC just for it's precious precious loot and add on's...and 10 hours for only 10 bucks?...the story/characters/jokes are worth that easily..

Captain Qwark 91952d ago

agreed. i never understood that critism about any game. everygame has 3-5 features/mechanics and they are repeated over and over for hours. in some games you notice it more than others but i dont think borderlands is one of them. the jokes, characters, stories, and most importantly different loots and abilities keep it from feeling that way.

but w/e everybody had their own opinions. this is def worth it in mine

1952d ago
TalesFromTheBud1952d ago

Borderlands 1 had good DLC... I don't see a real reason to doubt the content coming up for Borderlands 2.

RedSoakedSponge1952d ago

as long as you dont count the arena dlc lol.

Megaton1952d ago

The DLC that shall not be named. I seriously doubt they'll be making anything as horrible as that. From what I've played so far in the Captain Scarlett DLC, it's good.

Megaton1952d ago

Nevermind what I said. This DLC isn't very good. It starts off pretty good, but then jumps right off a cliff at the end. Pretty annoyed with Gearbox at the moment.

finite1952d ago

Easy answer to the artcile really, if you are a borderlands 2 fan Of coarse it is, if you not then do not bother... article sorted.

Roper3161952d ago

Sold!! Gearbox is one of the few developers that understand what DLC is supposed to be so I have no problem buying & supporting them & this DLC.

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