Mr. Driller Online surfaces as an XBLA game?

Digging through Australia's OFLC ratings Spencer of Siliconera noticed Mr. Driller Online with Namco Bandai as the developer and Microsoft as the publisher. While this isn't a solid confirmation Mr. Driller is coming to Xbox Live, the rating suggests it's a possibility. Mr. Driller Online isn't exactly brand new, but it is unreleased in North America. Sometime in 2004 Namco Bandai developed Mr. Driller Online for Korea as a multiplayer PC game and it is likely that an Xbox 360 version will be based on the existing game.

Contributor's Notes: Below is a video of Mr. Driller for Dreamcast to show the basic gameplay. The little fella must drill downward while having to keep his air supply from running out and avoiding being squashed by falling blocks.

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