BT to offer free Xbox 360's to new subscribers?

Earlier this year at CES'08 - Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with the UK's biggest telecoms provider BT (British Telecom) to provide access to it's 'BT Vision' content on the Xbox 360.

BT may soon begin to offer a free Xbox 360 console to anyone signing up for a Total Broadband package.

These rumours are hardly surprising, with other UK broadband providers offering free Laptops (Carphone Warehouse/AOL) for anyone signing up to an 18 month contract. Perhaps BT are getting hefty discounts on bulk purchases of the 360 consoles given their partnership with Microsoft?

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Bleem3603786d ago

...seriously, how many people actually use BT as their broadband provider? Don't gamers tend to sign up with the more specialist providers, for example?

spandexxking3786d ago

i use them and their pretty good. the home hub you get is great for wireless reception which is good coz i play my ps3 in my room.

green3786d ago

i use them as well.and really no complaints about them.

sharky19873786d ago

LOL!! bleem did you know that bt own plusnet?

Bleem3603786d ago

Yes, but they use a seperate core infrastructure and management. They are a totally seperate entity.

sharky19873786d ago

you are correct they are a seperate entity, but they both have the same fair use policy, so the only real diffrence it the prices and also with plusnet you can get a static ip which u can only get with bt business broadband

Bleem3603786d ago

"so the only real diffrence it the prices"

Again, no - see post above, they are totally seperate organisations. Just because they use the same AUP does not mean they provide the same quality of connection, customer service or facilities.

If that were the case, BT Vision would be available from too - which it wont be.

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cow moolester3786d ago



There...I beat all the Ps3 fanboys to it so anything they say pales in comparison to my first comment :)

cow moolester3786d ago

But really I think its actually a good idea...loads of providers here offer something when you sign up like the laptop with AOL or when BT was offering iPods over Christmas

Lord Cheese3786d ago

perfectly valid idea from my point of view, given BT are providing IPTV via the 360 anyway.

4cough3786d ago

Seeing that British Telecom is the Uk's largest phone a broadband supplier this is a pretty big move for consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.