What's With Wii's Low Review Scores?

The Wii is the hot item these days--so why are review scores for Wii games significantly lower than those of Xbox 360 and PlayStation titles? Matt Matthews investigates the numbers behind the phenomenon.

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Eretik3785d ago

There is bias to see pretty graphic on the screen. Average graphic - bad review. It's the reason why many PS3/XBOX360 titles(full of boredom) gets good review.
There is bias to see so-called-mature contents. I.e. blood, violence and sex. No blood, violence and sex - bad review. It's the reason why many PS3/XBOX360 titles(full of boredom) gets good review.
There is bias to create trash for Wii. Wide audience, so to sell 100k DVDs is not difficult. And development is cheap. It's the reason why Wii is Mecca of trash-makers.
But, in fact normal gamesr like me DO NOT care about TRASH. So average rating among all games for platform is exclusively for idiots writing idiotic articles. I care only about best games, i.e. SMG/SSBB/Zelda/Metroid/RE4/Wii Sports/etc for Wii.
DMC4/Uncharted/etc for PS3.
Mass effect/Bioshock for XBOX360.
And do not tell me that among best games we could find big difference in game rate

blacsheep3785d ago

the reason for the low scores is many see the wii as a short term 'gimmick'

full props to nintendo they like to innovate and have done since time began but lots of developers arent as innovative (EA looking at you) so have no idea what to do with the wii so you see lots of games that were already out are now being rehashed for the wii with the only change being you now control the game with the wii remote.

devs like EA are used to certain genres which dont take much brain power like shooters or drving which is why they produce sequels yearly with little enhancement.

alot of people will say oh its because the wii isnt powerful but look at mario galaxy? nintendo have proved its more than how much polygons you can throw about!and im a ps3 owner

nintendo on the other hand are innovators which is why for the most part the only wii games that will get high scores eretik are nintendo ones and youve proven my point because every game you just mentioned are by nintendo you didnt mention one 3rd party game!

sony have aquired some good studios and are following the innovative route games like eye of judgement so props to them to.

forum_crawler3785d ago


...not by Nintendo...

moparful993784d ago

These graphs take an average of all games so the more games you have with a significant portion of those games scoring in the sub 60% region the lower the average. Simple math people. We all know that the ps3 has a smaller library of games but most of the games for the system are well above average. In my memory I can only recall a couple of games that received a sub 60% score. If anything this graph helps the 360 more because it still has a relatively high average while maintaing the largest library. Most of the stuff released on the wii is just "shovelware" games like red steel, boogey, and carnival games comes to mind. True the first party games are excellent as always but a limited list of excellent games doesnt make up for the truck load of garbage thats coming to the system. People system sales dont always equal qulity games, this helps bolster the gimmick image of the wii. People want the wii because it is the "it" thing to have now..

MK_Red3785d ago

Isn't Wii's Mario Galaxy rated higher than BioShock and COD4 (Which is IMO unfair)?

Seriously, the reason behind low scores for most Wii game is because they are horrible cash ins from 3rd party publishers. Games like Jenga, Ninjabread Man and such DESERVE the 1/10s they got.

beaner714813785d ago

you have to make a good game to support a good score first. Super Mario galaxy and metroid and Zelda all got good scores i do believe.

pizzavideogames3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Most wii games are s**t. soot

Another case solved.

I see my neighbor. I'm gonna go sit on his large wooden d**k. His deck and talk to him about this wii review score problem.

Evil Zhuk3785d ago

wii only has two good games.

metroid 3

But lucky for them thats enough to make me get one.

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