Fable: The Journey surprises by smart mix of motion controls and storytelling | GamesBeat Review

Rob LeFebvre: "I’ll admit, I was skeptical of recently released Fable: The Journey. It’s an exclusive Xbox 360 Kinect title, and I truly expected a kid-centric, dumbed-down, on-rails arcade game with ridiculously imprecise flailing dynamics. I thought the experience would be set somewhat in the the Fable universe but not dealing with anything important or specific to that universe. A one-off if you will. Sort of like a Wii version of a high-profile, multiplatform title.

Turns out, I was wrong."

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Tolkoto1984d ago

I was surprised by the demo.

DivineAssault 1984d ago

i would like to try this game out.. I loved the fable games but im not sure about kinect only gameplay

Laxman1984d ago

You can try it out with the demo on the marketplace. I found it surprisingly enjoyable, as I dont really like my Kinect.

ChunkyLover531984d ago

It is a fun game, definitely a lot of Easter Eggs if you've played through the other Fable games. It also imports your choices from Fable 3 and those choices affect how things are in Albion during the game.

I'd suggest not playing it for longer than a couple of hours per session, your arms tend to get tired and that can hurt your aim, but I had no problems with the controls and there is a very emotional ending to the game.

ziggurcat1984d ago

"smart mix of motion controls"

you mean, on-rails controls...

Laxman1984d ago

No, he means motion controls.

Nothing smart about on-rails.

Shadonic1984d ago

how did you get on rails from motion controls.

TheGreenMan1984d ago

Uh...because the game is on rails. This has already been established...

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