The Unfinished Swan Review: A Short, Cute, Easy, and Unfulfilling PSN Puzzler | Gadget Review

James Pikover from Gadget Review: The Unfinished Swan is one of the few games I’ve been looking forward to since E3. The first minutes of gameplay completely encapsulate players in a new environment, and a new experience. I marveled at the play style back in June when it seemed so fresh and unique. Of course, at any convention, it’s easy to become elated with a game when the atmosphere itself is brimming with excitement, often of just being there.

For this game it’s too easy to be enthralled, and then bored. The Unfinished Swan, the first game made by developer Giant Sparrow, begins brilliantly but sharply declines in the level of complexity, difficulty, challenge, and discovery, the last of which has been the game’s defining feature.

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Snookies121556d ago

Ouch, harsh first review.

jwk941556d ago

this isnt the first review

nrvalleytime1556d ago

@jwk94 Reorganize the adjectives - "first harsh review."

He's right though - this is the first negative press I've seen about the game.

jwk941556d ago

Eurogamer gave it a 6/10.

jamezrp1556d ago

@jwk94 for most gaming sites nowadays, 6/10 is the lowest score you can get. Brilliant, right?

Snookies121556d ago

Ah sorry, it's the first review I've seen of the game.

NukaCola1556d ago

I usually expect eurogamer, gamekult, destructiod etc to give psn titles bad reviews or mediocre. The first review i saw was IGNs and they gave it a 9. Either way im getting it because these small indi titles have more heart and creative soul than 90% of the so called AAA games ouf there.

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Cam9771556d ago

This is just biased, the reviewer is a COD junkie so it's no wonder he hates it.

sdozzo1556d ago

Lame on your part. Almost as lame as me responding to you. CoD has nothing to do with it. Get a better take.

Qrphe1556d ago

I actually see reason within what you say. It's necessary to know some of the background of the reviewer in order to see if it's a review compatible with oneself (reason why I would have never trust a review from a site like IGN on, say, God Hand).

Summons751556d ago

Wow clearly this guy has no appreciation for art or story. Troll review 100%

ziggurcat1556d ago

if cam977 above is correct, then i'm not surprised.

it's sad to see games with a really strong artistic direction get slammed by people who obviously don't appreciate those types of games.

modesign1556d ago

i wonder if this loser was in his mommies basement when he wrote the review

TheLyonKing1556d ago

From what I have seen this game is a love or hate game, I will be picking it up as I like games that try to do something different.