Videogames will destroy the environment

Another silly attack on video games from News Corporation. Why are they doing this?

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Neurotoxin3785d ago

Nope i`m pretty sure its Cars and Planes that destroy the environment. Won`t ever speak out against those though! Moron`s.

Chuck Norris3785d ago

The only reason the environment is still hanging around is because I've grown quite fond of it.

Tempist3785d ago

One very angry letter sent to Bill O'Reilly of Fox news. Since it was an AP news article, I felt it was only proper to communicate to the biggest person on their network.

I have a copy of the e-mail if anyone wants to see it.

spandexxking3785d ago

it dosent how it destroys the environment, what a load of crap. and yeah what the guy above me said!

InMyOpinion3785d ago

Cars? Our overconsumption of natural resources? Overpopulating the planet? Nah...the video games.

paul_war3785d ago

Probably, they will also give us cancer, corrupt our children, make us fat etc etc etc

anh_duong3785d ago

..apparently video games were respsonsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

not a day goes by without video games being blamed for something that is already wrong with humanity..

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The story is too old to be commented.