Arstechnica: Nero, my god, to thee: a review of Devil May Cry 4

Ben Kuchera of Arstechnica writes: This is the first Devil May Cry on the current generation of consoles, and the first of the series to be released on a non-Sony platform; one of the many hints that Devil May Cry is a series taking its first step into the modern world of gaming.

After playing the game on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 extensively, I can safely say that no one is getting the short end of the stick. If you're lucky enough to have both systems, there are a few things to consider depending on your taste, but there is no wrong answer.

The Good
-Classic gameplay, with a great new main character
-Good length for an action game, with a ton of replay value
-Beautiful graphics
-Solid performance on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
-Fast load times on the PS3...

The Bad
-That take a 20-minute install and 5GB of hard drive space to take advantage of
-Dante's missions include a lot of backtracking and doubling up on the battles
-Boobs-lots and lots of boobs. If you're 13, feel free to move this up to "The Good"
-The in-game moves need to at least be as cool as the things you see in the cut-scenes

The Ugly
-The broken television after you throw your controller through after losing a hidden mission for the 15th time

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The Closing3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Yes. I fail to see why there isn't a "the outstanding" section just for boobs.

Cyrus3653507d ago

Well they did mention if you were 13-14, move this up to the good section ;)

power of Green 3508d ago

LOL At saying theres not much differences visuallly but to afraid to say what they are due to the rabid Sony hype machine being a powerful force if made mad.

No one's going to admit titles known as PS games are being outperformed by another console. Dude is crazy Devs better not force gamers to install games on the 360(having an option should be for unreasonable loading times not loading times people don't even care about) the loading isn't a big deal further proof he is afraid or a Sony supporter.

Keowrath3507d ago

Power of Green is BACK! All new improved and totally dellusional!

That's because there isn't a discernable difference unless you wear those special Glasses of Green that you do. Seriously, I've had a look at Nero's collar on the PS3 version on my HD TV and it looks great, I then realised what kind of a sad geek I am to do so and went back to playing the game.