Cubed³ Review: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

"A truly wonderful effort from the team renowned previously for its RPG efforts. Marrying the current craze for brain teasing puzzles with a delightfully mysterious tale that entertains throughout works brilliantly and everything just smacks of pure quality. Certainly worth checking out and hopefully Nintendo Europe will not take too long bringing this instant classic over here as well."

- by Adam Riley

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Value: 10

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PS360WII3571d ago

Yeah I just picked this up yesterday pretty fun and tough puzzles. Always making you think stuff out.

mullet3571d ago

Level-5 are just amazing at everything they do. Can't wait to play White Knight Chronicles.

PS360WII3571d ago

Yes indeed that game looks nuts ^^

They even said they are trying to brand there products outside of videogames. I wonder if they'll try to make a show off of WKC? Or just keep it a game... either way that'll be a must buy for the PS3