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Operation Rainfall Origins: Streets of Rage

Oprainfall continues it's series on what made their staff the gamers they are.

Oprainfall writes: "You’ve no doubt seen your fair share of RPGs featured in these Operation Rainfall Origins pieces. But I’m going to offer something a little different! The game that is responsible for my love of video games is the SEGA classic Streets of Rage. Some of you may not have even heard of it, but read on to find out why I owe this game so much." (Culture, Retro, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2)

dungeonboss  +   635d ago
dat music.
abzdine  +   634d ago
I remember recording the Streets of Rage music from Sound Test menu on a cassette and listened to it on my Walkman !!!
I did the same with Batman & Robin Genesis, this game has the greatest soundtrack ever !
Rawky  +   634d ago
For real, dat music!!
segamon  +   634d ago
Streets of Rage is one of my all time top 10 games.
very good read, brought back beautiful memories.
thanks David.
Tetsujin  +   634d ago
I never got to play 1 too much (Even on the PS3 Sega collection) however I played the hell out of 2 and 3.

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