Tales of Xillia Gets New Localized Screenshots

Today Namco Bandai probably figured that it was time to tease their fans a little more, and release a bunch of new screenshots from both gameplay and cutscenes of the localized version of the Tales of Xillia.

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NovusTerminus2074d ago

Never really played Tale Of before... But I am gonna get this one... What are the chances of Japanese voice acting on it? JRPG's have issues with bad voice acting...

Abriael2074d ago

I don't think they announced anything official about it...

Baka-akaB2073d ago

No chances , it will be dubbed . Just keep requesting it for futures titles , or import like i do .

DivineAssault 2073d ago

Tales series is classic JRPG at its finest.. Theres only 1 out of like 10 that i didnt like but it still scored well.. If u have a 360, get vesperia cuz its awesome.. Or just wait on this one.. It got great japanese reviews so ill be purchasing this day 1

vork772073d ago

the series are always good they have good story good game play good everything

Burning_Finger2073d ago

About time. Bring all the tales outside of Japan.

Redempteur2073d ago

the tales of games need more support that's true .....

3-4-52073d ago

This game looks awesome.

I hope this and it's sequel find their way to the 3DS or Vita.