Battlefield Heroes Ben Cousins Interview

Gamedaily writes: "While we have the full support of the larger EA, it was DICE in Sweden that decided to go for this new model last year. The new label system at EA gives us this freedom to experiment," said Cousins. "We decided to investigate the 'Play 4 Free' model because it struck us as an interesting way of achieving two goals - firstly we wanted to reach out to an audience that had previously been 'locked out' of the Battlefield experience, and secondly we were attracted to the way this service rather than product-based model meant that we can keep the game fluid and react to the behavior and opinions of the audience much more than we have done in the past. Going with an advertising and micro-transaction supported model was a way of achieving these goals."

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potenquatro3756d ago

i'm not saying this should be the direction bf games go, but i like the ideas behind the game. especially the "free" idea. i also like new games that i can take on my 2004 laptop, like orangebox and company of heroes etc. i'll be checking this game out,it looks like it could be a better more complete tf2.