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It’s commonly said that in any form of media, you’ve got to make the audience care. A bad reaction can be as important as a good one, and only ambivalence is death. If that’s the case, WRC 3 is bordering on having the plug pulled. Neither staggeringly brilliant nor gut-wrenchingly terrible, development studio Milestone’s third outing with the World Rally Championship license merely... is.

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TrevorPhillips1957d ago

I prefer DIRT anyways, better game overall :)

profgerbik1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

DIRT is more demolition derby than anything. That is why I like WRC no fancy bells or whistles, it is just pure and simple rally racing.

It isn't Twisted Metal, Motostorm, Street Racing with NFS or track racing with Ridge Racer or Gran Turismo although Ridge Racer is about as close as you'll get to rally racing.

I am not a fan of Motostorm at all they just feel so generic and cheap but that is another that I guess could be considered close rally racing.

All in all this about as good as it gets and is a true rally racing game until someone makes something better which they haven't.

Unless I have been missing out on something please let me know what it is.

Ak47Russia1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Good for you, But Dirt is not a real WRC rally game it is a boring game u only make left and right, little break or handbreak...

I bought WRC 3 and after playing for over 10 hours, i must say its the only real Rally game out now, its hard and it had great realistic physics not arcade like Dirt...

I feel this reviewer is like:
"WRC 3 is so hard! So it's mediocre cause I suck at it. "

if you know how to play rally games you will find this game very addictive and very fun!

Like i always say: people should stay away from Reviews these days they are not credible at all! So the best way is to rent or watch gameplay vids and see what Normal people say about it.

MY rating for this game is 8.5/10 Great! and a must buy for any racing fan!

profgerbik1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Screw IGN.. Bafoons gave Fifa 13 for the Vita a god damn 4.. and they are going to give this game a 5?

What kind of shit is that? They went on and on about how it was completely the same as last years game and they still gave it Fifa 13 for Vita a 4.. When they have rated other games before that had done the exact same thing and gotten a 0.

IGN is too worried about their fucking affiliates to make any real reviews. That is obvious, then any company that isn't apart of their pay roll, they shit all over..

Oh god WRC 3 is so hard..! So it's mediocre cause I suck at it.

Great Review IGN.

Regardless I am looking forward to this game either way, it is one of the best rally games around and that is enough for any rally racing fan to want to play it.

torchic1957d ago

you're right some of the points made in the review were really dumb. and it did sound like he had trouble with the game's difficulty

but you have to admitt some points (if true) are really major things. points like the weak steering, the lack in difference of performance between different surfaces/conditions, a shallow Career Mode are big things

it sounds like a 7.0 game to me. I'll wait for a few reviews and see what's what

profgerbik1957d ago

Agreed but that is the thing, I can't even take people seriously at IGN to even think anything that comes out of their mouths is truth.

Anyway I'll judge it for myself, I know it didn't deserve a 5 rating so quickly though but that is my opinion I suppose.

PirateThom1956d ago

The Vita version of FIFA 13 was basically a reskinned version of FIFA Football that came out when the Vita launched.

hennessey861957d ago

I am going to rent first before I buy

noize1956d ago

Hi everyone. Really 5 points?? I think is far from the reality. I’m driving “real” cars since I have 12 year old (on dirt and snow), mostly top 20 at Dirt 3 on all stages and all type of cars and myself I have played for mostly 10 hours at WRC 3 and I can say this is the MOST realistic rally simulation game I ever played...

The stages are just the most demanding and awesome I had to race.

For my part, I tried couple of weeks ago the WRC 2 and compared to WRC 3, I prefer the style of the calendar and the evolution of WRC 2 with more adjustments with my gearbox. :) Also, many bugs still in the game but the core of the game is working pretty well!

Dirt 3 is really fun and the presentation is awesome but if you search for a real rally simulation, WRC 3 is the rally racing simulation.

For my part is a 8.5/10 as well!

Ak47Russia1956d ago

Exactly! good rally sim! and its challenging so it will not get boring like Dirt 3.

xjatsx1956d ago

ign r bafoons. WRC 3 is more sim and realistic especailly when using t500 rs. ive been playing for over 3 days know and i am enjoying every minute.. ill give it 9.0

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