1Up: Sins of a Solar Empire Review

Sean Molloy of 1up writes: Conventional wisdom says that if a strategy game's to have the depth of, say, Civilization, where one is expected to simultaneously deal with labor riots in Turkestan, elephant-mounted barbarians in Greece, cultural revolution in Sicily, and a sudden influx of whale-meat traders from the newly discovered arctic north, taking turns is a design necessity. Sins of a Solar Empire begs to differ: It's not about turns -- it's about time.

Just as the pacing makes Sins possible, the ingenious interface makes it playable. Sins is the fulfillment of Supreme Commander's promise -- zoom in to see the tracers of a fighter squadron launched from a carrier ship, and zoom out to take in 60 planets and five star systems at a time as utilitarian icons. Halfway through your mouse's scroll wheel, you're playing a different game. Don't be scared by the daunting cluster of candy-colored icons and collapsible arrows in the Empire Menu at the side of the screen-it's programmed in the language of pure instinct, and finding your way around your expansive empire is far, far easier than it should be for a game that necessitates a "search" function.

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