Resistance 2: D.I.C.E Ted Price Interview

The President of Insomniac games spills all his secrets about Resistance 2.

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the worst3722d ago

60 player online sweettttttttttttttttt

sonarus3722d ago

thats not new. am tired of all this old info. Confirm 60fps so i can laugh at those who brought up numbers explaining why ps3 cnt handle 60fps.

Kleptic3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

in the video that shipped with Warhawk, I thought the developers claimed to get 64 players running on the same maps that shipped with the well as use the same dedicated servers in use today to do it (which are PS3's no less)...

yet maxed it at 32 for gameplay reasons only...claiming 64 players was so hectic that it lost its 'sweet spot'...and i would argue 24 is the sweet spot in all but the omega dawn map...

I also read rumors that occasionally you could find random ranked 64 player servers during the Warhawk beta last summer...however I never managed to find one myself...

in either case...just pointing out that its most likely not anyone with any credibility saying 'it can't be done'...its been done on PCs for years, by use of dedicated servers...there is absolutely no question that Insomniac has big plans in terms of dedicated servers, like Res1 and Warhawk...and anything is possible in that regard...its P2P only that can't do it...

360_Rules3722d ago

Laugh at the PC gamers that said Consoles are never getting games above 50 players.

Cryxen3722d ago

60 fps is retarded, movies run at 24 fps and no-one cries, games can have more effects at 30 fps and the human eye cant tell the difference, 60 fps is bad for games.

Skerj3722d ago

Uh where the hell did you get that from? You CAN see a difference between 30 and 60fps, it's ABOVE 60fps that's indistinguishable for the human eye. Ratchet ran at 60fps with crazy particle effects onscreen, I believe they said R2 will run at 60fps as well since they've advanced the engine.

Lifendz3722d ago

I have reservatiopns. Those stages better be pretty freaking big to accomodate that many people or else it's just chaos. So yeah, I want to see it before I'll hype it. Otherwise, I am definetely getting this game day one. I flat out loved Resistance. I mean, it's one of the few launch games I bought that I didn't ebay. It's staying in my collection forever. Can't wait to see what Insomniac does with the PS3 and I can't wait to play you suckas online in this.

PSN ID: Lifendz

Don't hate, just play.

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Storm233722d ago

The only new thing I learned was that they have 60 players up and running really well already. God I want new info! (And a video)

TheHater3722d ago

We will see a video at GDC.

TheHater3722d ago

He just said that people are playing the 60 players online right now as I type this. WHAT? Oh and Lag free online, I can't say the same for most online multiplayer games.

I do believe that this game will paint the way we play co-op in feature games. Co-op with it own story, and not just playing single players with you buddies.

SRuN43722d ago

I believe they're gonna have a trailer at GDC. Just seems that's what it's adding up to, cause I think on the latest Fullmoon Podcast they were joking around about some video for GDC.

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The story is too old to be commented.