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New Gorgeous Project CARS Community Screenshots Unleashed

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has unveiled a new set of Community screenshots for its upcoming racer, Project CARS." (PC, Project CARS, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

ATi_Elite  +   676d ago
Looks even better while playing it!
JellyJelly  +   676d ago
That's just insane.
Rob Hornecker  +   676d ago
Any word on a release date?
Ak47Russia  +   676d ago
Best looking racing game ever!!!!

I think this game is going to be PC exclusive, but if this game releases on PS3 it will be a true GT5 contender!

I am so buying this game!
360ICE  +   676d ago
Well, those were the best looking photos I've ever seen, but on a sidenote, why is the front of that one F1 car tilting slightly up? Isn't that pretty much enough to kill you?
hellzsupernova  +   676d ago
this may sound crazy but GT and Forza still have to catch up to V8 supercars 3 (as it was known here in NZ)
that game we played it today on the ps2 even though its 6 years old it owns both of those games. The damage beats forza the excitment beats GT both of those games have a long way to go to catch up to a 6 year old game!

Hopefully this will be the answer untill codmasters gives me another v8 supercar
Ak47Russia  +   676d ago
You can not compare GT5 to Forza, GT5 si a Simulator while Forza is a fun easy to play arcade game for any gamer.

The only game that can compare to GT5 as driving physics and realistic Graphics is this game "Project CARS" and i really think that GT5 now has a real good competitor. and i think "Project CARS" looks better than GT5 and this is a good thing because GT6 will look better than this game.

Forza should be compared to NFS, GRID, Dirt.
360ICE  +   675d ago
That's not exactly true. Forza (minus the two first ones and horizon) also has a simulator hiding behind all those driving assists. You just have to turn them off. I'll probably agree that GT is more invested in the simulation though, and thus somewhat better at that.

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