Top 6 new IPs to look forward to in 2013

Here is the list of brand new IPs that will take the gaming world by Storm in 2013.

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RivetCityGhoul1924d ago

tomb raider is not a new IP.

CGI-Quality1924d ago

Neither is The Last Guardian. Ueda said several times that TLG concludes the saga of the three titles.

On top of that, it, along with AGENT, have no set date in 2013. The Last Of Us, 3EYOND, & Watch Dogs are the ones to look for, and with anything new that might spur from the WiiU and whatever next gen console(s) launch next year.

itBourne1924d ago

The Last Guardian is a new ip, how is it not? ICO and Shadow are two completely different games.

TreMillz1924d ago

You obviously didnt play either Ico or SOTC did you?

kreate1924d ago

I played ico but not the shadow of the colossus or the last guardian. Are they sequels? Looks and feels different from the trailers.

moparful991924d ago

TLG is a "spiritual" sequel and not a true sequel..

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humbleopinion1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

True. It's sad to see the author even put it there, and makes it seem he doesn't even know the franchise.

And there are so many actual new IPs he could have put in there instead, and even ones with an announced 2012 release date (unlike some games in that list): The Witness from Jonathan Blow, Remember Me from Capcom, The Cave and the new adventure game from Double Fine, The Wonderful 101 from Platinum Games... and the list goes on.

Godchild10201924d ago

The last Guardian still doesn't have a confirmed release date and every year we get this game in the top New IPs to look forward to. I want this game as much as the next person, but I think its safe to say this game doesn't belong in this list. Same with Agent.

Tomb Raider is not a new IP, Its a Reboot. All we know is Watch Dogs will be coming out for current consoles, but no real release date. It could be delayed.

It seems like the only games that should be on that list is The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls or change the title to; Top 6 IPs to look forward to in the future.

007Bond1924d ago

Basically for is just GTA V and Last of us.

blue_cheese1924d ago

thanks to the author for making the list on one page, your my hero.

Nac1923d ago

I have faith we will see TLG next year, FF-V13 as well, not so much with Agent though...

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