SouthPeak to Announce Roogoo for Xbox Live Arcade

TeamXbox has learned that SouthPeak Games will announce the first of its Xbox Live Arcade titles tomorrow. Roogoo, planned for an April release, is a quirky puzzle game that will feature more than 40 levels. It has a storyline about two groups of creatures fighting for control of the planet Roo, but that doesn't seem like it'll be all that important-it's really going to be about the gameplay. The game has the player rotating discs with different shaped holes in them, so that a falling piece will match up and drop through the like-shaped slot. Not lining the right hole up with the piece when it hits the disc will cause the piece to get knocked away. In the early levels, it's simply a matter of spinning the disc into position; in the later, more challenging stages, the discs also flip every few seconds, testing the player's reaction time and dexterity that much more.

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