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Halo 4 – First 25 Minutes of Campaign Gameplay

Attention all Halo 4 fans. As a lot of you may know the game has been leaked and pirates are posting videos left and right. After a little bit of searching we managed to find the first 25 minutes of the campaign. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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TrevorPhillips  +   1016d ago
Waiting patiently for this amazing game :)
Belking  +   1016d ago
Love the way thoseweapons sound . MC is just bad ass... GOTY.
PtRoLLFacE  +   1016d ago
borderlands 2 and halo 4 are goty for me!
enkeixpress   1016d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
rataranian  +   1016d ago
Umm....25 mins? The game is leaked man. Sorry to tell you. You could watch the entire thing on you tube channels by now.
telekineticmantis  +   1016d ago
Not sure if I should be watching this...
might get banned.

Even though I'll be getting this for MP, I don't like spoilers, but I can't help myself.
lastofgen  +   1016d ago
This shouldn't have been approved in the fist place.
It's leaked footage and isn't hosted by a contracted website to show off Halo 4 gameplay.
iGamerZERO  +   1016d ago
Nope !!!! I refuse to watch any Halo 4 footage . Don't wanna ruin the experiance
Cajun Chicken  +   1016d ago
OMG. Can't watch this.
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1016d ago
for people who possess the self restraint to not watch this, just know 343 did a very good job
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1016d ago
haha i wasnt one of them but my goodness, i think this game looks far better than any of the efforts by bungie despite how good halo CE, 2 and 3 were
Captain Qwark 9  +   1016d ago
all i can say is wow!
r21  +   1016d ago
Holy crap, this was epic! Cant wait to see more when the its officially out :D
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GuruStarr78  +   1016d ago
Wow.... looks alot better than Reach... 343 really seems to have done the series justice... cannot wait!
CaptainFaisal  +   1016d ago
I have to be honest! Game looks awesome/fun, but the guy playing the game is a BIT nooby, i know its his first time but still...
Thanks for the gameplay anyways!
Click Agree if your looking forward to the game! :D
GearSkiN  +   1016d ago
Funny how most ppl who leaked the game are noon at it.
GearSkiN  +   1016d ago
xbob627  +   1016d ago
LOL I downloaded the video before it was removed....now I can watch it as many times as I want
pain777pas  +   1016d ago
I don't know. If you watch the beginning of Halo 3 25 mins you can see that this game may not meet expectations. After watching this I have a new appreciation for Halo 3 specifically because I did not play ODST or Reach but those are Bungie games. I need to hear more from fans of the game who know the game inside out. Plus I think the game looked better with a less detailed Master Chief. Cortana looks great though...
aviator189  +   1016d ago
What here pales in comparison to Halo 3's beginning?
pain777pas  +   1016d ago
Nothing pales in comparison per se but... I just need to see more because I am not yet hype for this game. From the get go the music drew me in Halo 3. I can clearly see that this will no doubt be a good game. But Halo is a great series. There is still the new enemies and weapons and mechs so... maybe I typed too soon. Reviews should come out in a couple of weeks and hardcore fans WILL let their voices be heard loud and clear. See since I took a break from Halo this will be the first Halo game I've played since Halo 3 so that is why I am invested in how good this game should be or can be.
marcmjm  +   1016d ago
Just shut your my mouth now otherwise people will just continue to disagree with you.
GearSkiN  +   1016d ago
U deff need to do a lot of studying budd
MasterD919  +   1016d ago
This is exactly why I hate people who got their hands on this game.

There is only a few weeks left until it comes out...do I really need to see everything before I get my hands on it?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1016d ago
Not watching it, I'm sure its super badass no doubt though.
vortis  +   1016d ago
GearSkiN  +   1016d ago
I watched it b4 didn't bother me, u pretty much red the preview about the first chapter by now so for those of u who doesn't wanna watch it I'm sure youre not gonna missed a whole lot,plus to avoid spoilers would be smart for u guys to wait.

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