The Last Of Us: Naughty Dog Hiring For Co-Op Multiplayer Dev

The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's post-Uncharted, post-apocalyptic action game has not had any multiplayer details revealed thus far, but that doesn't mean the Sony studio isn't working on it - and it could well be a co-op mode according to a new Naughty Dog vacancy.

Creative director Neil Druckmann confirmed multiplayer for the game back in June, with the stipulation that "it is not co-op within the main campaign."

It could well be a variation on co-op action though, with the developer hiring for a co-op Game Designer.

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TrevorPhillips1381d ago

I seriously cannot wait for this game, it's going to be epic! Another masterpiece from ND :D

Persistantthug1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

DAY Z'ish....good size maps, but much smaller scale.

You and your teammate, searching through ruble, building, trees, bushes...looking for supplies

7, 11, or 15 other teams trying to salvage the most stuff, avoiding monsters and a few animals and ultimately kill each other.

You die, and without a revive, there's no comeback...sorry.

Ok....not perfected yet....but that's my first vision, and it HAS to be co-op.

What do you think N4G? :)

Conzul1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Hell, if it's wide-linear (similar to Bioshock), I can die happy.

That, or a long (long) story.

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Freak of Nature1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

A masterpiece in the making, I agree. Just when you think it cannot get better they up the ante...

I wonder if they wil be introducing new characters for the COOP MP? I figure they will.

I love the extra option, you get single player and co-op MP, the more choices the better, as long as they give everything they have for both single and MP game modes....Knowing NG this is a sure bet...

skyward1381d ago

Co-op wave mode? What about a Fortnite-style meta game whereby you keep surviving/scavenging while repelling waves of bandits etc? Make co-op deep enough to play by itself, and it'll be a success.

TimmyShire1381d ago

It does seem well suited to co-op, but they probably don't want the second player (Ellen Page) to be bored. She's kind of limited throwing bricks and stuff.

Still, I love co-op and if it's separate to the main game - which looks ace as it is - then I'm happy for that.

skyward1381d ago

It's not campaing co-op, so it could be other characters.

r211381d ago

Most likely that unless ND has something innovative in plan. 2013 cant come soon enough :D

Conzul1381d ago

You mean Ashley Johnson, love.
Not Ellen Page.

PrivateRyan1381d ago

Not fussed about co-op, will be getting this because single player looks really good so far

NastyLeftHook01381d ago

yeah, co-op is just a bonus.

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The story is too old to be commented.