Ten Frontlines: Fuel of War Screenshots

THQ released ten new artistic screenshots of Frontlines: Fuel of War, an upcoming near-future FPS, which is set to be released near the end of February 2008.

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THWIP3752d ago

Day-1 purchase for me. :)

green3751d ago

havent played the multiplayer demo yet,but a friend of mine said its a miilion times better than the single player demo released earlier and also a day one purchase.

This might sell very well for those looking for some FPS thrills after COD4.

ASSASSYN 36o3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I will see you there I played for 4 1/2 hours. This game is going to consume my time for a while. The squad chat is bliss. You can isolate only your friends and talk to only your friends. It's not like everyone doesn't know what to do already shoot enemy and advance the frontline! The Commanche helicopter is a beast.

bizzy123751d ago

day one purchase i was playig all nigth on oil filds with 32 people it was crazy felt like u was really in the battle and it is 10 times better than the single player demo