Monopoly and Scrabble To XBLA?

Before today's press release, I had evidence that Monopoly and Scrabble was possibly coming to Xbox Live Arcade. However, we were asked to not post anything, so we waited for EA to make the first move. This morning, they did…

We got a press release which detailed EA's plans to release many Hasbro games to and the Nintendo Wii… yet no news about Xbox Live Arcade. After reading it all over though, we found this very important sentence…

EA also is developing new Monopoly and Scrabble ®(in North America) titles for multiple platforms, as well as other titles that will be announced later this year.

Does this mean that Xbox Live Arcade will be getting Monopoly and Scrabble by the end of the year? We believe so, but again, consider this a rumor for now since we don't have any hard evidence that we can show… just yet.

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permutated3756d ago

Way cool. Good family stuff.

SeNiLe9113756d ago

I was just talking to a friend a few weeks ago about how cool it would be to have Monopoly for the Xbox 360. Please let it be true!

Mr PS33756d ago

On Xbox live
when the Bots can't Spell

DarkSniiper3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

then bend over every time Fony tells you to, and that is often.


mighty_douche3756d ago

Copying someone else's account only shows what little creativity you have. So M$ console should be the right choice for you.

DarkSniiper3756d ago

unlike you and the rest of the Fony fandroids. So stick with the boring PofS3 and will stick with the Industry Leader, Microsoft and the Xbox 360!

PofS3 has:

No AAA games - BORING!

No Rumble Controller - BORING!

No Headset - BORING!


No Custom Soundtracks - BORING!

Games always Delayed - BORING!

Install Games! Waist 5GB of HDD and take 25 min to INSTALL - BORING!



SpaceCowgirl3756d ago

I would pay retail prices to play monopoly on x-box live.

green3756d ago

agree.they are some of the best board games

I Make Stuff Up3756d ago

There has been so much talk of the downfall of the 360...that it has no good games in 2008. Or that it isn't a powerful machine.

Well, here you go. Monopoly! With full user interactivity and true nextgen graphics. You move your own pieces!!!

And Scrabble!!! OMG! The scientist at MS have really exceeded all our expectations this time. A game that can out-spell human players! This is off the charts.

Skerj3756d ago

Good, now I can curse out complete strangers for trying to cheat online \o/

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The story is too old to be commented.