Hands on with Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified For PS Vita [Gamer Living]

Gamer Living's Jack Moulder and company sat down with Activision's portable Call of Duty franchise offering for the PlayStation Vita.

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r211980d ago

Another positive preview :I Hmmm, interesting.

GribbleGrunger1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Am I right in thinking the devs said that the graphics have improved since the last build? Let's hope the reviews reflect the previews because this game if any will help the Vita on its way to the magic 6 million number.

Sanquine901980d ago

The graphics improved greatly! Furthermore, i am reading positive feedback on the hands on from people:D

wanderson751980d ago

We were surprised as well, considering Resistance on the Vita wasn't the greatest.

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cpayne931980d ago

Still think the top player count should be twelve. MoH on the psp could do 32. Why can't this do 12?

wanderson751980d ago

The only thing I can think of is latency. We didn't run into any while we played, and I think Activision wants to keep it that way. Better to err on the side of caution blah blah blah...

topekomsi1980d ago

I wonder this as well, only idea i have is they may have used the resistance bs engine/dev tools. Gawd i hope that is not the case though.But surely the vita can handle 6v6 with no lag.IMO

GhostHero3331980d ago

Which medal of Honor game can play with 32 players? And can you play it on the Vita with online?

cpayne931980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

It's Medal of Honor Heroes 1 and 2. Not bad games, and yeah you can get them on the Vita, but it might not be on the Vita's psn yet, just the ps3's. And yeah online still works for 2 at least, last I checked. Servers won't be up forever of course. I think it had a lot of hackers tho.

Edit: Even if you don't have a ps3, I think you can still get it by downloading it from your computer using media go.

Edit2: And in case you're in the market for psp shooters, I would recommend Resistance, Syphon Filter, and socom ftb 1 and 2.

Here check this out:

OptimusC1980d ago

this article is just awful... why doesnt he express what the frames are? or give a bit more detail rather than this bland generality that makes me think he didn't play the game at all. To me, he is just repeating things we know from the Q&A with Nihilistic not too long ago... 10 minutes of game time? that's not enough time for anyone to write a decent article... He claims 4v4 is disappointing, but understandable... what's understandable? he does not explain what he means! Hence the reason why this article falls short.... In the end, us true gamers know: CoD: BO Declassified is a train wreck. It will certainly break the hearts of many fans, if it hasn't done that already.

Kingthrash3601980d ago

4v4 Is understandable because it on a handheld. Smh consoles can handle more people because its bigger stronger and plugged in a wall. Kids these days... True gamers know to play a game b4 its declared a "train wreck" you think like a newbie gamer.

OptimusC1980d ago

wow sir you are stupid. if 4v4 is because it's on a handheld... why are there 32 player multiplayer games on PSP? MOH??

Kingthrash3601980d ago

Lol so now we comparing a vita game to a psp game, like the psp would run BO and have a 32 mp max. I bet u could fit 8 of thos moh player poly counts into one BO player. I heard about that game too I wonder how well it played with 32. Mw3 didn't play too well with 6v6 . Also how are you giving praise to moh psp but calling this ( an already better all around game) a " train wreak"? ..... Kids... Smh on more thing are u really complaing about frame rate??!!? Man just don't buy it, fire up that good old moh and enjoy that frame rate.

OptimusC1980d ago

dude, you completely missed the point. what are you defending? yes i have plenty to complain about this game. plenty. you'll see, you go buy it and waste your money.

Kingthrash3601980d ago

Not defending anything because I can't judge something I haven't played. I hear your opinion it's just sounds so.... Off. I don't know if it will be good or not but I know I'll buy it to find out. Then make my opinion. I read articles just to see the what the opinion they had with the game hands on. Whether its 10min or a 10hrs they had more time with the game than me. But u have these opinions about a game u never played and on top of that u tell people who have played the game that they did a bad job and the game sucks. If I had ten minutes I don't think I would spend the time checking frame rate anyway I would be checking how fun it is or how the controls feel, you know ... The important things that could be worth talking about with only ten minutes hands on. So to point out secondary bull is just off, u just came to post how much the game is a train wreak and to try and convince others that u know more than someone who had actually played it.

cpayne931980d ago

If the psp could handle 32 players on MoH, then the Vita can easily handle 12 on cod. Look at the specs, cod doesn't even have that intensive of graphics, this guy might have been a jerk, but what YOU are saying doesn't make sense.

OptimusC1977d ago

Well... Nihilistic is closing.... my point is proven.... even if the game is "decent" forget any DLC or patches or support. Epic Fail even before it gets out.

wanderson751980d ago

"why doesnt he express what the frames are?" - Because we didn't play on a dev build that displayed FPS? And if you say you can tell 60fps by looking at it, I'll call BS every time.

"10 minutes of game time? that's not enough time for anyone to write a decent article" Ten minutes is plenty to write a hands on and get our impressions down. A REVIEW is what you're looking for. Come back and complain in a couple weeks.

"In the end, us true gamers know: CoD: BO Declassified is a train wreck. It will certainly break the hearts of many fans, if it hasn't done that already." Then don't buy it. Call back when you have something constructive to input.

Sanquine901980d ago

@Wanderson75 :

Are the sounds better than resistance burning skies. The greatest flaw of that game were the pop sounds of guns and you can not here any footsteps or the direction where gunshots come from.

1980d ago
Sanquine901980d ago

Do you think the level of players are going to 6 vs 6? That is also one of my wishes.. Thanks for response:D

CalvinKlein1980d ago

its 4 vs 4 confirmed already.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1980d ago

they are investigating rising playing increase to 6v6 or higher they said on thier twitter page a while back along with increasing prestige to 15 from 10 and other material!!

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