The Walking Dead Episode Four: Critical Gamer review

Critical Gamer writes: Episodes one and two of The Walking Dead were well constructed, enthralling experiences. The third episode wobbled a bit, but mostly strong scripting helped keep it a worthy addition to the series. Episode four is the weakest so far, due to the poisoned chalice of an unwavering determination to write and deliver a strong story. The good news is that the story does indeed remain a good one, and this episode delivers some of the best moments in the series. The bad news is that in order to ensure the script remains untouched, some of the details are hurriedly ignored – such as the alleged influence players have on plot progression.

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cochise3131983d ago

This episode wasn't as good as the previous three. I'm expecting the last episode to go out with a bang.

itani1983d ago

Episode 2 is my favourite.

aDDicteD1983d ago

this episode was as bit as good as the previous episodes for me,