Metro 2033 available for £5.49 on Xbox Live

Haven't had time to play Metro 2033 yet? Want to catch up before Metro: Last Light hits? Now is your chance to do so.

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decrypt2013d ago

Still costly for the inferior version, was on Steam for 5USD few months after launch.

MGRogue20172013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

huh.. seems to be worth it tbh.. if you don't have a pc that can handle the game, that is.

chukamachine2013d ago

Only inferior if you want slightly better graphics on PC.

Sorry but Metro was an overrated game imo.

The dull drone of the soldiers voice could make some people commit suicide.

Intentions2013d ago

What? The game was underrated like crazy. At least from what I've read.

ProjectVulcan2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I personally like how you said 'slightly better' which means you haven't played this on a good PC because the PC version is way ahead of the 360 version :D

I did get this when it was on offer a year or so ago for PC. Good game.

InTheLab2012d ago

On a good PC, Metro rivaled Battlefield and Crysis. I bought the game on Steam for my older PC and was shocked to find I couldn't even the main menu, despite being able to play other games on it like Borderlands or Homefront...

On a good PC, it dumps on almost every game I've ever played...

MattyG2013d ago

Is this on the US store as well?

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