WWE 13: 10 Disappointing Attitude Era Moments We Don’t Want To Revisit

WC - When wrestling fans discuss the Attitude Era of WWE, one is immediately picturing the hell-raising action of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the verbal tounge-lashings of the Rock and the crude antics of Degeneration-X. It was the most successful and controversial period in the history of professional wrestling, and now in WWE 13, fans can escape back to the late 1990s, when wrestling was cool, and you probably still had hair.

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ShadowKingx1864d ago

Nothing in the attitude era was disappointing, which is why the attitude era was WWE’s best years ever.

kevnb1864d ago

actually there was a lot of crap, usually in the undercard.

ape0071864d ago

attitude era was absolutely magical, just imagine how more amazing it would been if bret hart never went to wcw and Shawn Michaels didn't get injured, OMG

Commander_TK1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

No other starts would have been there if Michaels didn't get injured. He would have made Vince fire them all with the exception of HHH.

Captain Qwark 91864d ago

trish in her underwear, i dont care how humiliating it was for her, she looks amazing lol plus im sure the paycheck she got after that was hardly humiliating

Kratoscar20081864d ago

Any shameful attitude momment is much better than todays WWE best momments.

InTheLab1864d ago

That thing with Al Snow's dog was hilarious.

The downside to that was how much of a Joke they made Bossman.

As bad as some of that stuff was, it's much better than todays WWE. The last show I watched was when the Rock walked out and talked to Cena about the "match of their careers" and got the crowd hyped up only to crush their hopes by informing us that it would take place ONE YEAR

Kratoscar20081864d ago

Yeah Bossman suffered from the Big Show sindrome.

I have seen WWE regularly but it has been a bit lacking in a lot of things mainly at the Rivalry departments were the likes of Alberto del Rio and the Miz wouldnt had cut out in the attitude era.

And the Rock lose its charm maybe because he turned into a B-rated movie actor (Really the tooth Fairy WTF?).

claud31863d ago

Well there you go... it seems many do not want it