DMC4 Demo Grabbed Over 1 Million Times

Chris Kramer, PR Guru at Capcom, fresh off the heals of telling gamers to go make a sandwich, shot over a line letting Loot Ninja know that the Devil May Cry 4 demo has been downloaded over 1 million times on the Xbox 360. No word on the number of PS3 downloads.

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drunkpandas3686d ago

Demo is great, and the game is a lot of fun

mesh13686d ago

thank god i got the demo and saw how bad dmc4 is its a terrible game ,the only demo ive enjoyed lately is frontlines fuels of war mp demo the game is soo fun

fiercescuba3686d ago

Yes, the demo is free. You can get it with a Live Silver account.

power of Green 3686d ago

Don't know about demo's on PS3 I guess it depends, Demo's on XBL are free for all.

Why would people pay to sample something they are not sure they wan't to invest in?.

Not sure how you even came up with a fee.

trancefreak3686d ago

got mine free on the free psn account. cool game

drunkpandas3686d ago

I agree, it's a cool game. A few people have given it some flack over the fact that the game is not very innovative. But you don't necessarily need total innovation in every game, so long as it's fun and not very repetitive. It's not like this is another WW2 FPS game or something.

3686d ago
power of Green 3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Demo's are only for the purpose of seeing if you like the game on XBL.

GT5-P seems like an radically different vision or approch from whats on the Xbox.

Paying for demo's on XBL hasn't been mentioned be anybody in the industry , EVER!..

So I guess the guy "I" originally replied to must have been talking about PSN? I'm sure his comprehension skills were atleast good enough to understand this is about XBL despite not making it far enough through the text to noticed that there was no mention of fee's just incase some how somebody doesn't know demo's are free on XBL.

You need a gold account to download demo's?.

You're not talking about the 1 week waiting period thing?. lol.

Why did anybody agree with you.

Keowrath3686d ago

POG, (although I know you are one of the 2 people who ignore me) Someone could have agreed with Mad Gamer because he said all demos on the PSN are free, YES, even the GT5-P DEMO is free. The full version of Prologue (which some people call a demo, others would call it a ... Prologue) is chargable.

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INehalemEXI3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Played the hell out of that demo on 360 and PS3, Playing the hell out of the game as well when I can on mission 11 of 20 atm, Did the first few missions over and over to get some points for ability's/weapon upgrades.

Rated it a 9.5 on my GSUser site. The only problem with it is the shadows have jaggies.

What would be killer is some episodic DLC where we get to play as the any of the 3 DMC4 lady's.

pwnsause3686d ago

that would actually be a cool idea. bubbles up

Athlon3686d ago

I'm sending it back after getting to some parts that really go against my spiritual beliefs. The other games in the series weren't bad at all, but this one takes the cake on demonic and hell references to the extreme. I couldn't ignore it any more to the point that I quit right after I got Pandora's box around Mission 15 and read the description of it. It's a tough call for me because the game is a lot of fun and it's been my favorite series. Don't know why Capcom had to take it this far since a lot of those references don't play any role in the plot of the story and could have been left out. They could have easily renamed some of the weapons or left out some demonic references on their descriptions.

Baba19063686d ago

its a game. you shouldnt take that kind of things so seriously. one question so, if the names dont make any difference in the plot isnt it even easier to say it doesnt matther and just ignore it. its not like the game is preaching or something.

Skerj3686d ago

I understand where you're coming from but man, it's Devil May Cry you HAD to have known that from the onset as you said you're a fan of the series. It's not like playing for example Persona 3 when you get Satan and Lucifer and other evil religious deities. Which if you're a fan of SMT you'll know that's to be expected. In any case, at least you got some fun time in before you had to get rid of it.

Daver3686d ago

Is this a joke?.... the game is called Devil may Cry... dont want to be rude but... this is only a game
religion.. /sigh

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