[TGV] Review: The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave

The Gaming Vault: "The Denpa Men, what a strange group of creatures and what a strange game overall. A game in which you recruit random creatures created by radio waves to embark on a journey to save a kidnapped loved one. Captured by 3DS camera. Out around the world. In a game made by Genius Sonority, comprised of some of the guys responsible for Pokémon and Dragon Quest games.

Sounds like it could be a bit confusing and overwhelming, and parts of it CAN be, but overall it’s a game worth checking out."

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Sidology2079d ago

i was kinda surprised about this title, having never heard of it, but i'm glad it's pretty fun.

joecamnet2079d ago

Indeed, sounded like a real oddball at first and I probably wouldn't have given it much of a shot, but I had a good amount of fun with it.
At the very least the demo deserves to be tried!