State of Decay is a sandbox full of zombies shrouded in mystery | XBLA Fans Preview

Nick Santangelo: "'This is by far the largest and most ambitious XBLA game ever made. No question,' Undead Labs CEO Jeff Strain said matter-of-factly of State of Decay when we spoke at PAX Prime. Though XBLA Fans has been unable to verify that claim, my brief time with the sandbox zombie game proved this much, at least: it’s huge. To put a measurement on it, Undead claims the overworld is 16 square kilometers."

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maniacmayhem1888d ago

Seems like its taking some elements from DayZ. Still looking forward to see what they have in store.

WetN00dle691888d ago

Its the other way around actually. This game has been in development for about 2 to 3 years now. SO its DAYZ that took elements from this title.

maniacmayhem1888d ago

Well, thats news to me. Either way it looks very promising and can't wait to see more.

GearSkiN1888d ago

Indeed. Hope multiplayer is suppported, looks very interesting.

Shadonic1888d ago

Multiplayer is supposed to be added after release.

GearSkiN1888d ago

yea i'd be nice if they have at least 8 ppl online. but cant beat that for an XBLA open world.

3-4-51888d ago

looks interesting. when is release date?

Tres211888d ago

im not sure but i thought i read they decided 2 leave multiplayer alone 4 class3(state of decay) and save multi player 4 class 4 that they had tossed around at a co-op 4 it but the thought it would limit the single player game?

WetN00dle691888d ago

As to what i heard. State of Decay WILL NOT support multiplayer. Before it was known as State of Decay this game's code name was Class3 an MMO game for the Xbox 360 and PC. The MMO elements was scrapped for this game. This game in particular will only be a Single Player experience. State of Decay is kinda like a Beta of Class4. The map is smaller and will have a certain number of side quest and what not. Class4 will be the full on MMO experience. It will sell retail and will have a bigger map and a heck load of side quests.

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AngelicIceDiamond1888d ago

Suppose to be one of the most ambitious and biggest titles to hit XBL so far. And that saying allot.