The Whispered World First Look by Adventure Gamers

Daedalic has been quietly making this fantasy adventure a reality, and it's time to start spreading the word.

The Whispered World started out as graphic artist Marco Hüllen's graduation project, before it was later taken up by Bad Brain Entertainment, the self-styled publisher/developer that in the end was never meant to be. When BBE went out of business, the game was discontinued. The big surprise came just before the Games Convention: Daedalic Entertainment had acquired the material related to The Whispered World. In fact, it may well become the first (of a series,) as the release is planned at the end of 2008.

Contributor's Notes: Below is a video showing some early game footages from before the title was acquired by Daedalic Entertainment. The video is in German.

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Tjinks3685d ago

This seems really fishy to me unless studio ghibli is somehow involved with this. It does seem to have the same art style and ovverall fantasy feel though.