Real Gamers Don’t Play on Easy?

An article from Smart When Shouting explaining why playing on easy doesn't make someone any less of a gamer.

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CustardTrout2044d ago

There are a few kinds of gamer, those include "Wuss" players.

Nah, I think people that play on easy are simply there to enjoy the game at their pace, and I don't see why it should matter what difficulty someone plays on, if you want the bragging rights then go on hard mode, if not then play on easy or normal.

Soldierone2044d ago

Only thing that annoys me is the noobs going for bragging rights that beat a game on easy and act like they are awesome....

Had a friend that would breeze through games on easy, then go brag about how fast he beat the game. Go check his trophies and he doesn't have anything beyond "beat the game" wouldn't even have the trophy for moderate/medium difficulty.....

It's like breezing through doom on wimp mode, and pretending you beat it on extreme.

Azmatik2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

I play every game on the hardest difficulty if possible first play, get way more for your game. I also have 22 plats and are all hard games to plat no wuss games :) also to add when you play a game on hardest online seems to be easier and when you go back to collect the rest of your trophies on easy the game seems like a joke lol

Army_of_Darkness2044d ago

When he got GOW3, I warned him to not plaY on hardest difficulty until he beats it on normal first and to my surprise his cocky and stubbornness refused so I was like, well don't say I didn't warn you bro(he is a GOW fan btw).
The first 10mins he died like 6X and when he was fighting Poseidon I was just pointing and LMAO at him cause he was getting butchered to the point where he actually gave up and switched to normal mode Hahaha!

lsujester2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

I go back through on easy in certain situations. Mainly after I've beaten the game, and I just want to see the story again. For instance, a few weeks ago I went through the Uncharted series back-to-back because I just wanted to see it unfold again. Wasn't looking for the challenge or any satisfaction of beating it.

:EDIT: I should also note that trophies/achievements don't really interest me, so I don't repeatedly play just to collect things or do things a certain way for a trophy.

Soldierone2043d ago

I do that too. If its a game like Uncharted I play on medium to sub-par hard (to unlock the hardest one) first. If its a FPS I just go right to the hardest since its usually too easy for me, did it with Battlefield 3 and CODMW3, beat them just as fast as my friends on normal.

My original comment though is just the childish ones that go put in a game like Doom or God of War, put it on Easy, and speed run the game and brag about how they beat it faster than Might as well just go watch it on Youtube and use that to brag about "beating the game"

robparko2044d ago

I tend to always play on the default difficulty, which happens to be the normal mode most of the time.

smashcrashbash2044d ago

Well I for one never start on easy. I always go for normal and take what ever trials and tribulations that go with it.I find it a waste of time to trot through the whole game on easy.

Outside_ofthe_Box2044d ago

I always play on the default difficulty. I only play on a harder difficulty if I'm experienced with the series. I only play on easy if I'm trying to unlock or collect stuff.

Summons752044d ago

I play on normal be default, the only exception is Halo where I play on Legendary from the get-go.

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The story is too old to be commented.